Enoch Atuboyedia

The Bishop of the Diocese of Okrika Rt. Revd. Enoch Atuboyedia has advised Christian faithful to stop playing church and become true Christians.

Rt. Revd Atuboyedia observed that “many Christians atend and observe daily, weekly and annual church activities religiously, but cannot be identified with Jesus Christ through their behaviours “Bishop Atuboyedia spoke during a special familiarization Service to the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Okrika on Tuesday 13th October, 2020.

The theme of his sermon was ‘Identified with Christ,” taken from the Gospel of St. Mark chapter 14verse 67.He said, “let men see Christ in you by your behaviours, let our lives be transformed into the image of Christ through our daily lives. Let people testify to our conduct, our speech, our dressing, and by our general behaviour that we belong to Christ”.

Rt. Revd. Atuboyedia recalled that he gave his life to Christ in 1987, stating that for 33 years he has been walking with Christ. But that if men cannot identify him with Christ through his character, it means his Christianity is mere pretense.


The Bishop charged Christians to strive to live like Christ so as to help stem the rising wave of sin in today’s society and improve the quality of life of the majority. The special service was a”ended by various church arms and was followed by an interacractive session and appreciations to the Bishop.

Similar services are to hold in all Archdeaconry and Deanery Headquarters of the Diocese as well as in palaces of recognized traditional authorites in Okrika ethnic nationality.


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