The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Amichi, His Lordship, The Rt. Rev’d. Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor has berated the government of President Mohammadu Buhari for the worsening state of the Nigerian Nation.

Bishop Ikeakor barred his mind while delivering his Presidential address to the 3rd session of the 4th synod of the Diocese which is ongoing at Ebenezer Church, Unubi in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The Bishop regretted that while the authorities continue to assure Nigerians that the war against insurgency has been won, the evidence on ground shows that the security challenges are getting worse by the day.

“The military keeps telling Nigerians that they have decimated the Bokoharam Islamic terrorist Group in their security briefings, but the truth remains that the Group is waxing stronger, and unleashing greater mayhem to innocent unarmed Nigerians. The spate and spike of mindless killings in the North, especially Southern Kaduna, Benue and Kogi axis give any reasonable citizen of this country sleepless nights and days.”
“What actually is the true state of security in Nigeria? What is the Proficiency level or Competence of our security agencies in confronting this near-hopeless situation?”


Bishop Ikeakor questioned the sincerity and commitment of the government to the security of lives and property of all Nigerians when the President could not declare the murderous Fulani herdsmen a terrorist group and overhaul the failing security architecture of the nation.

“Why is it that the security architecture of the country cannot be urgently overhauled and re-engineered by the President? We appeal to the President to rise to the challenge of the security situation of this nation as the Commander-In-Chief of the Nigeria Army.”

On the economy, the prelate said that the Covid-19 pandemic has extensively exposed the bad state of Nigeria’s economy. He said that the situation holds no hope for both the present and future generations.

“Barely, three weeks that the index case of COVID-19 Pandemic was reported, the Federal Government commenced borrowing to fight the Pandemic. Does this not suggest that we are not only living in a recession, but also running a deficit economy? As at May 2015, we were told by Economic experts that the debt profile of Nigeria stood at eleven trillion naira (N11 trn). Today, the debt profile has risen to thirty-one trillion naira (N31 trn), and the federal government is still borrowing from China.”

“What is the Practical, transparent, and sustainable plans for the repayment of these loans? The truth is that Nigeria is in a very unimplementable mortgage with the only collateral being the future, and destinies of both our youths and unborn generations. How can the government borrow to fund non-productive sectors of our economy? All we hear is about debt servicing. No one ever talks of debt repayment.”

Bishop Ikeakor regretted that the educational,, health, and economic sectors of the nation which used to be the envy of all nations have been wrecked as a result of years of unbridled corruption.

“Our education sector is in shambles. Our health sector is in a very embarrassing mess. We vividly recount with shame and disgust that doctors who graduated from Indian Medical Schools, and Universities were not allowed to practice in Nigeria in the 1980s simply because their Medical training was deemed substandard.”

Today, not only that India hosts the greatest numbers of medical tourists annually from Nigeria, but Indian doctors have become revered “gods” in Medicine in Nigeria. In that period, Nigerians taunted Ghananians residing in the land with the slogan, “Ghana Must Go” because we considered their economy very inferior to ours. The table has shamefully turned today. It is now, “Nigeria Must Go” in Ghana. Without mincing words, this country is on reverse gear in her movement as far as Education, Health Care, Agriculture, Security, and Economy are concerned.”

“Without any iota of apology to political gladiators of Mr. President, this country is on a very fast lane of grinding to a halt if nothing positively drastic is done to rescue our Economy, Education, Judiciary and Security. Nigeria currently is a slave and sublet of the Sovereign nation of China. Why is it impossible to make all refineries in Nigeria fully functional? Why is it an impossible mountain to climb for the Federal Government to fix the Power sector? Which nation of the world drives her industries and technologies on electric generators? Any regime of government in Nigeria that successfully fixes the Power sector in this country has solved the problem of Nigeria to Sixty-five percent level.” He said.

Speaking further, bishop Ikeakor called the described the Company and Allied Matters Act 2020 bill recently signed into law by the President Muhammadu Buhari is a sheer demonstration of distracted and misdirected leadership saying that the Church cannot be brought under the unintelligent and novice interference from politicians and secular entity.

“Passing a law that you can at will change and replace the trustees of the Church is totally wrong, and so unacceptable. You don’t bring secular mantle upon a sacred mountain. We advise the Federal to rescind that law and decision.”

On the recent pump price increase, Bishop Ikeakor regretted the height of insensitivity demonstrated by leaders in Nigeria.

“I keep on wondering if our politicians are ever sensitive to the plight of Nigerians. For God’s sake, how can any right thinking leader assume that this is the right time to increase pump price of petrol by whatever guide and explanation. The monumental negative economic effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the attendant lockdown are so glaring throughout the whole world. The only cushioning gift our dear President and his advisers can give to Nigerians is hike in Pump price, and Electricity tariff. This is a gross demonstration of combination of ineptitude, incompetence and wickedness.”


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