The new Bishop of the Diocese Esan (Anglican Communion), the Rt Rev. Gabriel Elabor has beckoned on the members of the diocese to join hands in the building of the diocese.

The bishop, who was addressing the diocese in a special diocesan service held at St Andrew’s Cathedral Ekpoma on 6th October, 2020, to celebrate his consecration and enthronement as the bishop of the diocese, said: “Esan Diocese is our Diocese, this is the only home we have, therefore, we must not destroy it, I call on all both old and young, to rise let’s in unison build our Diocese.”

Elabor outlined the focus and task that his administration will begin to accomplish which include strengthening the foundation already laid by his predecessor; finishing the new Cathedral building; establishing a Diocesan school in each of the five L. G. A. which Esan Diocese covers and enhancing the investment and income generation of the diocese.

In the area of mission and evangelism, he said that they would endeavour to establish a minimum of two Churches in the next five years and that all the existing youth organisations will be strengthened and new ones introduced. He said he would move around the diocese unannounced for familiarisation and that honorarium would not be necessary.


The newly enthroned bishop also indicated that his tenure will be marked with order and discipline as he succinctly declared:

Indiscipline will not be entertained from the high to the low. If you feel you can’t work under the leadership of Bishop, no worries, no quarrels, quietly step aside, not recruiting people to be rebellious. Non-functional Knights will be de-robed, same with Clergy/wives who have decided not to work according to the rules or ethics of our vocation. Youths or adults found to be insultive, not giving honour or respect to Priests and workers of this Diocese will be excommunicated. Lay readers are to renew their licences for 2021…

The service featured a special thanksgiving by the bishop and his wife, Dr Mrs Chidalu Elabor and had the just retired bishop, the Most Rev and Mrs Friday Imaekhai, the wife of the Archbishop of Bendel, Mrs Ufuoma Odutemu, several visiting bishops and clergy, all the clergy and officials of the diocese and the Cathedral congregation in attendance.



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