We are in the end times and the Gospel is in danger of being misrepresented and counterfeited. The devil is an expert in counterfeiting! Be on the watch not to be misled or deceived. 

You must watch out and always be on the watch for the establishing of the gospel of God in everything we do. The gospel brings salvation to all people, it is by the gospel that we are set free from sin and we receive the Holy Spirit. We then continue to press on in the Gospel to be sanctified onto holiness of life not merely outwardly but more inwardly in our hearts as well as living righteously before all men.

By this same gospel we receive the Spirit who helps us in all weaknesses to put off all evil, deceit, self-deceit, anger, quarrelling, envy, bitterness, segregations, divisions and hate.

We must put on Christ and build our lives in Christ in preparation for eternity with Christ.


We receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to promote the work of the Gospel of God to bring growth to the kingdom of God and glorify God and bring increase to the number of those being saved while we ourselves are growing in love, humility and all Godly character.

The Holy Spirit guides and leads us into ALL TRUTH!!! The chief work of the Spirit is to establish and lead to the truth. We must take good care to be centred in the truth of God’s Word in all we say, think and do. The Word is given and inspired by the Spirit and only by the Spirit can we engage with God through His Word.

We must insist and guard the Gospel and its prime place in the work of the kingdom. Some have emphasized portions of the Scripture without Gospel and the evidence is lack of compassion, lack of love, generosity, kindness, gentleness, mercy and humility. They foolishly take pride in segregation, arrogance, show of knowledge, accomplishments and causing needless divisions.

Whenever the Scripture is emphasized without the saving Gospel of Christ a window is opened for diabolical diversions and pride to take good positions in the church.

We must pursue Biblical revival centred in the Word of God which bears fruit in the mission of the gospel, full of the Spirit, manifesting the gifts of the Spirit, genuine in showing love, humility and Godly character.

All Saints gathering cannot just come and go. Praying with you that we fully enter into 2020 with the Gospel in all humility hungering for Revival centred on the living Word of God.

May we hunger and thirst for revival!

[The Most Rev’d Benjamin Kwashi is the Anglican Bishop of Jos and the General Secretary of Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) and the Fellowship of the Confessing Anglicans (FCA)]


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