The Diocesan Bishop of Lagos and Missioner Dr Humphrey Olumakaiye took a hard look at the State of the Nation in Nigeria and said ” We are in a country where it seems the government of the day values lives of animals more than souls of men”.

Delivering his Presidential address at this year Synod of the Diocese of Lagos Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Bishop Olumakaiye regretted that the government in Nigeria had not given priorities to value of life.

Speaking to theme of the conference: ” Value of Life, Faith and Ministry: Charting A New Course” Bishop Olumakaiye lamented that Life to this government ‘is treated as a cheap commodity,’

He declared: ” We are in a world which is increasingly unstable; everything seems to be at standstill. The cost of living is absolutely unbearable for the majority of the citizens, troubles here and there, rumours of ethnic wars.



” Unemployment is at an alarming rate; pensioners are denied their benefits. Poor governance, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, injustice, tyranny, poverty, incessant killings and other social vices have contributed to the devaluation of life in our society”.

He stressed further: Insecurity of lives and property is one awkward problem today that is rending Nigeria to pieces as the nation battles deadly insurgencies in the country. We are at a time where banditry, kidnapping is becoming more lucrative and popular.

” Many are living like slaves or second class citizens in their fatherland. To express our desire for freedom, we are being chased by the forces of the government to silence the masses.

” Infact, life has become so valueless to some people that they do not consider the effect of their criminal activities. In other to make ends meet, some had resorted to drug trafficking, kidnapping, banditry, prostitution, terrorism, etc”.

Bishop Olumakaiye called on Christian faithful not to give up but “trust Lord completely and don’t depend on your own knowledge.”

He counselled Christians that this suffering “is temporary for those who place their faith in Him” assuring them that God would restore them to new beginning.

He said God ” has a lot of promise for us as Christians. His covenants and promises are so great and it stands forever. ”

” Build your life on the solid ground which is the word of God. No matter what you are going through as a Christian, God will see you through it. There is always light at the end of the tunnel ” he concluded.


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