Ven. Dr Moses Chukwuebuka Omeke

The guest preacher at the 2021 synod of Ogbaru Diocese, Ven. Dr Moses Chukwuebuka Omeke, emphasized that evangelism and soul winning cannot be possible when the carrier of the message is afflicted by a leprous life.

He lamented that the church is no longer winning entire communities as the apostles and ministers of the old as exemplified on the account of the four leper on Ist Kings Chapter 7 and the Samaritan woman in John’s Gospel, Chapter 4.

He said that it is possible for someone to preach very powerful sermons on the pulpit but if the life of the preacher from his home, his congregation or work place does not correlate with his message, it cannot make reasonable impacts. He affirmed this as a problem that the church must deal with as a matter of urgency if her mission will thrive in a lost world.

He challenged the synod delegates as representatives of the people and leaders in their own right to examine themselves lest they are infected with leprosy (spiritual leprosy).


VEN. DR. MOSES CHUKWUEBUKA OMEKE (Archdeacon – St. Paul’s Cathedral, Diocese of Nsukka and 2021 Ogbaru Diocesan Synod preacher).

Source: Diocese of Ogbaru


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