We bring you Pentecost greetings of blessings and God’s indwelling Holy Spirit. It is our responsibility to acknowledge some of the good wishes from some of you. We are quite appreciative of all your kind words and encouragement.

Last week was dramatic and consequential. This week will be great because of the release of the Holy Spirit to the world, though not for all of us because of its nature. The singular choice to be filled and not to be filled is your determined decision to appropriate. But if we are allowed to advise you we would rather persuade you to submit yourself to the power of the Holy Spirit and we bet you you will not remain the same again. When He filled the disciples they became creative, courageous, bold and outspoken.

Covid-19 will surely bow at the knees of the power of the Holy Spirit and every filled life MUST overcome the influence of Covid-19 pandemic. The mistake some of us will make is to work in partnership with deceptives or rejected people or hypocritical individuals whose hearts are not straight. Such people have institutionalise corruption, and people of depraved minds. They are controlled by greed, motivated by selfishness and driven by personal gain. This kind people are recorded in Joshua 9: 14-15, ” The men of Israel sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the Lord. Then Joshua made a treaty of peace with them to let them live, and the Leaders of the assembly ratified it by oath”. This is a grievous mistake that trail them throughout their generations till today.

Hence during this post Covid-19 pandemic don’t enter into any treaty with anyone out of sympathy or empathy, make sure you inquire of the Lord before entering into partnership with anyone, it doesn’t matter who the fellow is and what God’s mind is about the business. Making such mistakes may lead to your untimely death. 2 Chronicles 20:15 , ” He said: Listen, king Jehoshaphat and all who live in Judah ( Nigeria) and Jerusalem ( Abuja)! This is what the Lord says to you: Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s”. This season is not the time to exhibit fear or discouragement because this is not your battle.


This is the time to cast all our anxieties on him for he cares for us especially as we focus our weekly reflections and meditations on : THE ECONOMY OF NIGERIA IS IN LABOUR ROOM AND DEPARTURE LOUNGE. Hopefully you have been on with events all over the Globe even as Africa government requires over $154 billion to close gap in 2020; there is no money for food importation which is great idea if maintained and that lays a great burden on farmers for massive food production, a wonderful opportunity; CBN is reducing cash reserves ratio by 22.5%; Recession looms as Nigeria’s economy grows marginally by 1.87%; Nigeria records 54% increase in capital importation; Shell shuts in 635,000 barrels in 5days hope you understand; NDDC 2019 budget padded with over 500 fake projects, MD alleges and assuming each of the fake projects cost let say #1billion then multiply by 500 fake projects, your embarrassment is welcome, then of course this is what goes on in almost every sector of the country; Nigerians in Malaysia set to come back home; NASS clerk, 150 management senior staff to go; CBN says that interest rates for SME loan will hit nine percent while Foreign direct investment (FDI) dropped to $214.25 million in Q1 by NBS; TUC warns against more Chinese loans; there is a accusation and counter accusations of Reps accusing NDDC IMC of spending billions despite Covid-19 and NDDC accuses lawmakers of seeking #6.4billion fake payments Nigeria in its truest nature; Gov and ex- SSG in verbal war over #2billion loan ,what a tragedy; 800 exports consignments stranded at Lagos ports; world bank approves $346 million for Nigeria and three others for Lake chad; CBN reduces interest rates on OFLS facilities to 5%; President Buhari writes House of representatives, seeking approval to borrow $5.513 billion to fund 2020 budget; CBN mpc cuts benchmark interest rate to 12.5% to boast lending; CBN’s 12.5% MRR means a decline in banks’ lending, deposit rates; Apex bank optimistic Covid-19 will be less severe on back of monetary fiscal measures; in 16months NNPC losses #62 billion to oil theft; only maximum of 5 airports will be allowed to commence operations locally in few days from now and you know what that means high fares and survival of the fittest and then unemployment on the rampage; African development bank (ADB) in a crisis race and at the end of this supremacy race, the frames and doors and indeed the foundation will be shaken with great horror, this muscle flexing and power game gambling will take its toll on the remnants of pandemic and further deaths will ensue as a result of economic war and restoration of status symbol; 8000 workers allegedly have been sacked in Anambra state by the waste management companies in Anambra state and you know that this is huge. Assuming that each staff sacked has a minimum family size of 4 ,then multiple it by 8000 it equals 32000 people going hungry as at now; Nigerians to get ready to pay stamp duty on WhatsApp messages and on ATM printouts by FIRS; Chevron to layoff over 6000 staff and you know that the implication is enormous, don’t you?; Buhari approves reorganisation of police, grants FIB full autonomy,FIB force intelligent bureau which was formally under FCID force criminal investigation department; Equity market records #29 billion loss; FG plans to pay jobless youths #20,000 each monthly; ActionAid warns FG against borrowing for salaries and foreign trips; security agencies arrest 251 illegally miners in Zamfara state; NDDC has claimed not knowing the cause of death of its financial director at a time there is accusations of 500 fake projects and fake payments plus spending billions despite Covid-19, you are allowed to take your take; FG plans 10000 houses for Borno IDPS; President Trump has cut ties with WHO while taking note that large majority of individuals who earn a living by riding motorcycles and tricycles lost their jobs and have had tough times coping with life and economy lockdown and this is quite terrifying. Remember the essence of this review and reminder is to prepare ahead of time not to create anxiety.
(1) Post Covid-19 pandemic is crushing, crumbling, crashing and creating unprecedented waves of unemployment as never before ,
(2)Very few cash will be in the hands of the people. It’s not an inconvenient logic people are out of job meaning no salaries hence how would they buy to eat except we resort to trade by barter. Of course that will be a sure way for daily earners and low income earners,
(3) Crime rates increase is inevitable because the motorcycles and tricycles drivers who are out of job without a ready alternative must deliberately take care of their families and the easiest way to crime of stealing and harvesting other people’s crops, kidnapping will become a lucrative business platform again, molestation and intimidation will be on the rise, armed robbery will rise naturally,
(3) Since few airports are going to be allowed to operate, the competition will be on the increase alongside fares,
(4) WhatsApp stamp duty and ATM printouts payment will be an addition to the likes of vats and it will reduce your access to number of WhatsApp mails you send, this may eventually affect Facebook users and the over time plans of social media restrictions will gradually come in without a single resistance,
(5)The series of loans borrowing must be paid back someday and that simply means recovery of the economy is not in sight at least for now,
(6) You must know the total implications of over 800 export consignments stranded at Lagos ports meaning the expected income from these stranded consignments is as well stranded,
(7) There will be tremendous oil theft officially. There is no oil theft anywhere without institutional involvement,
(8) The lockdown will produce new criminal billionaires as our boundaries have turned out to be a very big market for our security team all over Nigeria. Buses are allowed to cross boundaries at #2000 each, while trucks pay #5000 per truck and this happens officially not hidden from the public view hence post Covid-19 pandemic will introduce new impunity and oppressors. Each day at our various state boundaries men who ought to protect us from Covid-19 and whose assignment is to enforce the NCDC instructions are the same people violating it,
(9) African development bank can’t remain the same again after this power and supremacy tussle.
(10) Suicide cases will be no the increase and many will die of hunger and starvation,

Few things we will suggest include:
(1) We must learn now to accept the new normal and find proper strategy to cushion its associated effects.
(2) Accept that we are lockdown alongside with the economy but TIME was not lockdown. Each day accomplishes the purpose of its existence whether we are lockdown or not. No one’s time has stopped ticking since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The Time keep ticking and moving forward while we wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to be eradicated.
(3) Covid-19 pandemic will be here with us for sometime just like malaria, HIV aids etc so stop speculating and get yourself busy with any good available options around you. Stop waiting for lockdown lift government is working and planning at least you are aware that while we are on lockdown government is planning to borrow money from other countries. Please do wake up now before it’s too late to wake.
(4)We must deliberately learn to be our brother’s keeper this time around. Together we can conquer the effects of post Covid-19 pandemic. Let us learn to share whatever we have believe God for divine increase.
(5) Try to be law abiding while not behaving that all is normal. Be careful with your environment and don’t remiss. Be prepared for eventualities and nobody should intimidate you or your family for it is better to die in active service than to die like captured slave. When you die in active service you merit a welcome ovation in heaven but if you die like a captured slave you bring shame to the kingdom watchers. Be strong and that’s the only way out.
(6)Manage your finances very wisely and for very important purposes.
(7) Don’t invest your funds anywhere that doesn’t have government policies backing it up or where you can’t possibly access your funds within a week or where you can’t convert your investment into money without waiting for the convenience time of third party.
(8) Learn to make choices, exercise self selection. Don’t drop your life to the world to decide what you want to become just because you trust that person. There is nothing wrong trusting people but when it comes to matter of your faith and future be selective and dispassionate about it. Deliberately become the person you want to be not the person your friends or colleagues or environment want you to be.
(9)Be authentic and make active choices which include choice of thoughts, feelings, and performance that will be consistent and designed with who you want to be. Don’t allow people to push you around. Remember because it’s acceptable to the other person doesn’t in anyway appropriate for you. Create your own garden and water it daily for you didn’t come here with anyone even when you are twin and you will not leave here with anyone even if you die in plane crash or accident. Everyone of us will leave singlely. So take charge of the things God has mandated to accomplish.
(10) Reduce internal conflict and perform assertively. Internal ambiguity results in a lack of direction, ineffective actions, misguided efforts and results that are less than satisfying hence focused performance gains high quality objectives in both the short and long term goals and expectations.
(11) Learn to come to terms with your thoughts, communication, emotions, performance generated harmony, spiritual wellness of your person balance and tranquility by identifying and coming to peace with who you are and who you are not.
(12) Learn to be contented and objective. This post Covid-19 pandemic will create new sets of frauds and fraudulent behaviours. Those who want to get rich without hard work will definitely lose what they already have. Be careful and trust your life with Him who is able to keep you and preserve your life till eternity.

So much sorry thought this week’s reflections and meditations were not to be lengthy.
Let us pray together. Our dear Lord and father we thank you for your continuous support and answer to our prayers. We request that whenever you have finished with the Covid-19 pandemic and have achieved your intended purposes that you may clear it off our world. We pray for your direction to our leaders and those who lead with them. We ask you to remove leaders whose interest have blindfolded them against our collective interest from office and give wisdom to those who want to govern well for the interest of the masses. Bless our leaders and our nation. We ask you again to preserve and keep all our friends and Partners together we shall be victorious while asking you to grant repentant hearts to those who just hate us ,all these we pray through the MIGHTY name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST AMEN. Continue to stay away and safe. Joy cometh.



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