I was once told a story about a little boy who fell from his bed. The mum asked her what made her to fall.

The boy cleverly answered ‘I guess I stayed too close to where I got in’.  Of course, a boy sleeping at the edge of the bed has about fifty percent chances of falling from the bed.

Let’s apply this lesson to our faith in Christ. It looks like many of us are still at the entrance point in our faith in God and in our personal relationship with Christ. The inertia or the tendency to remain where we are or reluctance to make a move is always there. But God wants us to overcome every inertial force and to grow continuously in our faith. We’re encouraged to leave the elementary teachings of Christ and go on to maturity (Hebrews 6:1). To ensure we’re growing, simple self-assessment exercises are needed.

The Bible encourages us to ‘examine ourselves’.  To practically do so, pick a time in the near past, say two years back and then ask yourself some questions such as:

  • How does your prayer life then compared with what it’s now?
  • How about your personal study of the Bible?
  • How about your giving and stewardship?
  • How about your joy of salvation?
  • How about your readiness and expectations for the Lord’s return?
  • How about your fellowship with other believers and your loyalty to the church of Christ?
  • How about your love to others and passion for those outside the fold?
  • Etc

If you’re not increasing in the above parameters and others, then it’s time to pause, reflect and take some actions. Let’s us not make the mistake of the little boy by staying on the edge. Don’t stay too close to where you got in. It’s risky resting on the edge.  Go deeper in the Lord. Let Christ increase in you and let your old self decrease.

O God open our eyes to see the need for us to grow in our faith and bring us nearer to where you want us to be. Amen

The Venerable Engr Dr Joe Ajaefobi is the Chaplain of Church of Nigeria Chaplaincy, UK


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