The Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos (Anglican Communion) Rt. Rev. Dr. Humphrey Bamisebi Olumakaiye has offered valuable pieces of advice to the Nigerian Government on National Unity, Terrorism and Insecurity, Masses’ plights as well as Diversification of the Nation’s economy.

Dr. Olumakaiye gave the advice on Monday at the official opening of the 2nd session of the 34th Synod of the Diocese, held at Our Saviour’s Anglican Church, Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.

On National Unity, the Anglican Bishop stated that the diverse nature of Nigeria’s component is the handiwork of God and it is meant to be our strength. In his observation he said; “Unity, not uniformity must be our aim. “Differences must be integrated, not annihilated. Nigeria shall move forward when our leaders at all levels of governance understand the enormous power of a united country.”

Lending his voice to the issue of Terrorism and Insecurity in Nigeria, Rt. Rev Dr. Olumakaiye emphasized the need for the government to rise with all her might to stamp out criminalities and stop criminals from ravaging our land. He noted that security of lives must be topmost on the government’s agenda.


On the issue of Masses’ plights, The Bishop decried the recent hike in fuel and electricity tariffs as this will negatively impact on the prices of commodities and basic amenities.

According to him, “At a time like this, putting manifestoes aside, the government should seek the comfort of all citizens. Truth be told, fuel and electricity are the essential palliatives that can go round without being shortchanged. We should bear in mind that increase in electricity tariff and fuel price will definitely tell on other commodities and the poor masses are always at the receiving end.

“The poor masses should be able to find solace in the government now and not otherwise. Government should aim at reducing burdens and not increasing them”

In regard to the rather sensitive and urgent issue of the diversification of the Nation’s economy, Bishop Olumakaiye noted that long before the discovery of oil in economic quantity, Agriculture was the main stay of the Country’s economy. However, the latter has been relegated to the background due to several years of oil boom.

The Anglican Bishop further observed that there is need for the diversification of the economy due to the instability in the global oil market price. In his words,

“The recurrent instability in the International global oil market price and its consequential effect on Nigeria’s economic and budgetary plans, have been further aggravated, necessitating the need to call on the government and the policy formulators in our country to look critically and urgently to the need to further diversify the nation’s economy. No nation of the earth can survive not to talk of achieving the desired exponential growth, under a mono-economic policy.”

In the light of the foregoing, the Bishop Olumakaiye stated that the Agricultural sector is the panacea for economic prosperity. He therefore advised that the Agricultural sector be revamped as an alternative to reliance on oil. He suggested that the Government can make the Agricultural sector attractive to young graduates by rolling out interest-free loans and exposing them to foreign training and mentorship programmes in mechanized agriculture in the developed world.

The Bishop also advised that the Country can further diversify into industrial mining of raw materials as well as digital economy other than crude oil. He expressed optimism that all these will boost the Nation’s economy.


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