The Bishop of Kubwa, Anglican Diocese, Rt. Rev Duke Akamisoko, has called on pastors to focus their sermons more on faith in Christ, as the only weapon Christians need to overcome every battle in life, especially now that the Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world and making people fearful.

In a message titled: “Have Faith in God,” the Bishop said when people are living in a very critical situation, is a time when faith, which is the believer’s weapon of war, needs to be preached over and over again.

God’s Word, according to Akamisoko, is the instrument of war at this time. Therefore, it must not be far from Christians, whom he urged not to speak negatively, but to speak God’s word against every challenging situation. He declared that COVID-19 would crumble in Jesus’ name, and emphasised that God’s Word is still true and should not be forgotten during these times.

The Bishop highlighted different levels of faith; noting that no matter how little a person’s faith is, it can do wonders. He enjoined Christians with little faith to continue to increase their faith with the knowledge of God’s Word.



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