We bring you TRINITY greetings and wishes. TRINITY church season is the longest of all church seasons and it comes with great expectations both spiritually and materially. It’s our collective expectation that the Lord will visit us in a very special way during this year’s Trinity season.

TRINITY season among other things signifies divine prosperity hence we declare that you and all yours will experience both spiritual and material prosperity in JESUS MIGHTY name AMEN. We indeed acknowledge all comments both for and against. These comments actually help us to identify areas of need. Having gone through some of the comments and concerns raised as a result of last week reflections and meditations, we have come to appreciate the reason for this weekly update. Many of us are still struggling to come to terms with the reality we have suddenly found ourselves. Again, remember that your not accepting the common reality before us does not in anyway devaluate obvious consequences. In fact years ago I thought that my disagreement with any issues makes that issue unacceptable but little did I know I was at wrong. You are honestly entitled to your convinced opinion but that doesn’t rule out the truth. We want to honestly advise you to wake up from your seemingly endless thoughts of self accorded dream. The system has moved on without any of us making contributions to it hence whether with you or without you the contemporary world is forging ahead. You are lockdown but time is not lockdown. This is the first lesson all of us need to learn immediately. All the scheduled programs of activities were put on hold temporarily waiting for the permission of Covid-19 pandemic. But there is hope. Once again the essence of this weekly reflections and meditations is not to create anxiety and fear because anxiety and depression reduce your immune system and exposes you to unnecessary attacks, There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord (Prov. 21:30). Wisdom can be displayed, men can scheme and plan evil but it cannot succeed once is against God’s provisions. Psalmist says in Psalm 63: 9, They who seek my life will be destroyed, they will go down to the depths of the earth. You don’t need to bother yourself about those who are planning your destruction because the Lord himself has already given a verdict. Remembering what Hebrews 9: 27, it’s appointed for men once to die, and after this the judgment. Hence death is appointed, is unavoidable. It’s for all men, means no exception. Every man must die it doesn’t matter how connected you are. Third, every man will die once. You will only die once so if you misuse it you will regret for eternity. After this comes Judgement, meaning that death is not the end which puts life in perspective and finally comes Judgement. Every one of us will face judgement on what we actually did with your life. This is hope we rekindle each time we are threatened with terrifying moments and inflammatory statements. Believe me Covid-19 pandemic will end in glory and our ECONOMIC FUGITIVES AND GLOBAL ADHERENTS OF GULLIBLE DESCRIPTIVE DECEPTION WILL COLLAPSE.

From last week till today few things have dominated our news space which include Airpeace airline reduces operations by 60% ,scrap meals; Federal government set to hand over Covid-19 battle to states; Armed robbers allegedly overrun Delta state government house, mug the Governor; ATM withdrawals will cost more; United states is facing a national crisis with the most significant number of Covid-19 cases globally, the worst unemployment level in all ages, and massive crowds protests from state to state by its citizens; last week Friday oil finished higher after oil traders weighed on the de-escalation in the strain between the USA and China, and a significant drop in USA oil rigs which is an indicator for declines in USA oil production; on Monday 1st June 2020 the Naira appreciated to #385.50 at the investors and exporters (I &E) window, as the central bank of Nigeria’s intervention in the foreign exchange market intensifies. The demand pressure on the foreign exchange market by currency speculators also seems to be on the decrease; FG plan for #350 billion revenue from oil fields licensing suffers set back as two federal high court judges have blocked the government’s efforts to revoke two oil fields licenses and this will affect negatively the full licensing round for marginal fields, which the federal government plans to launch in the month of June 2020; IMF has warned banks to halt dividend payments; Senate approves $5.5billion loan to fund 2020 budget; National assembly raises 2020 budget oil benchmark to $28, while reducing production to 1.8 mbd; Senate queries CBN over unremitted $3.3 billion, but CBN says it is a consequences of varied exchange rates; World bank urges countries to hasten revival of economics, discourages costly subsidy schemes;OPS seeks measures to avert recession and job losses; DPR Nigeria’s proven Gas reserves now 203.16 trillion cubic feet; Proprietors, teachers lament continued closures of schools, saying that FG must take over payments of their salaries or allow them return to classrooms. 1.1 million now jobless in 84,614 private schools and even as government loses #72 billion tax in 3months; FG okays #148 billion refund to 5 states for the estimated value of federal government jobs carried out by the states on behalf of federal government; then of course Nigerians will bear the burnt of fading foreign direct investments which results lack of jobs, rising poverty levels;27 billion house of assembly renovations necessary expenses over health, education or wasteful spending? FG plans $1.2 billion green imperative Agriculture program and targets 5million jobs creation; pensioners have asked Emefiele to review their pay before they die and Lagos state graduated over 6,300 from skills centres; MOMAN says major oil marketers lost #10 billion to petrol price reductions hence FG has removed fuel price cap, gives marketers freedom to fix prices; CBN to sell #821.8 billion Treasury Bills in Q3’20.
(1) post Covid-19 pandemic will increase unimaginably and unexplainably unemployment. For instance if only airpeace is cutting operations by 60% and scrap meals. It then means those who were hitherto supplying the meals will be out of work and 60% of jobs, then multiply it across board.
(2) Insecurity and crime rates will double. If the attack on Delta state government is true then your fears are as good as mine. If a state government house is not saved or protected with the full security forces is invaded and the family of number one of that state is not protected then who is saved?
(3) The crisis happening in the USA will soon become a global issue because of the forthcoming election. The state of USA goes a long way to determine what actually happens globally hence our eyes should be open to the power supremacy tussle playing out at the global battle front. While we keep our eyes open in watch we should not forget to pray for God’s intervention. Honestly, a lot is going on but it seems we are not interested. Please be interested. There is a lot going on to paint USA with rough paintings to achieve a purpose which many of us will regret within two months of their success.
(4) There is a global plan and strategy to move from oil dependence to other areas and if that happens in the next two years or so Nigeria as country will struggle with survival .
(5) Covid-19 has exposed the hypocritical nature of our leaders. Before the Covid-19 some of our leaders travel weekly for medical attention using our collective finance but unfortunately since the warning by queen virus to stay at home or face death,we have observed that most of these frivolous trips with government funds have been put at stop and no one has died as a result of not travelling out. One major revelation is that most of those their trips were fake and opportunity to visit their foreign investment and business if not how would you explain the sudden frequent trips for health check ups that have not been attended to for almost three months now?
(6) As a result of lack of these unnecessary trips a lot of money has been saved for this country. Honestly if not for one thing one would have advocated for more of Covid-19 pandemic experience. What a nation one man or a family will travel on a chartered airline for medical check up on account of the nation. We are not referring to the President but just ordinary citizens who are privileged to be appointed to an office. What a shame.
(7) Hope you know the implications for removing fuel price cap and granting marketers freedom to fix prices.
(8) Save your money and discuss with your investment operators for third quarter investment as CBN plans to push to the market treasury Bills.
What to do.

The world is coming out hopefully from its worst experience caused by Covid-19 pandemic. Globe had to endure the pains trusted on us by Coronavirus while it takes its global tour upending lives and crashing every thing on its path. Lives and livelihoods were visibly destroyed and damaged without response or resistance. The whole world groaned in silence sorrow while coronavirus pandemic takes its giant steps forward ever.
We have often stated that the world will not remain the same again and we still want to state that again. It will interest you to know that there are considerations going on to stop those who are 55 years and above to stop going to church but they can go to clubs, markets, supermarkets, banks, offices, meetings and contest as Presidents of nations, Governors, Senators etc. your guess is as good as mine. Again with this suggestions and if allowed to stand over 75% of Archbishops and BISHOPS indeed Archdeacons and clergymen are not qualified to attend church services. If we don’t all get up now and say NO to this and like jokes they succeed in grafting it in as NCDC regulations and conditions of Covid-19 pandemic, we will blame ourselves. We should necessarily open our eyes to observe the essential and nonessential effects of all governments policy trust priorities towards this pandemic and its hindering agenda. We have been gradually moderated and controlled which we are not against because of the influence of Covid-19 pandemic but we should watch out with our eyes open what next that wants to come under the guise of Covid-19 pandemic.


The game again to upturn the effects of post Covid-19 is budget. Control is the name of the game. It is one thing we must learn to do, the ship no matter how large and driven by strong winds, is steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants it to go. Budget is an essential aspect of our lives that needs a closer attention. Everything we do requires a budget if we are out for continuity. It is so essential in the life of everything that expects success. Without budget there will be no posterity, no tomorrow, no continuity. Budget harmonizes our inflows and outflows. Every good budget has four major concepts namely income, expenses, control and choice. By this, budget management and implementation must involve the following steps:
(1) To ascertain your daily income stream, that is all the sources you expect income from whether daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Your income may include: your salary, if you are a staff or worker, the cash that comes to you through any other means
(2) To establish your expenses’ limits for each expenditure pattern. You must learn to be in control of your expenses. No doubt you may be called different funny names like superglued hand, stingy man, economizer and when it’s time to borrow they will still come to you to borrow. Those names actually do not exist in real sense of it. Many people find it difficult to state categorically the type of expenditures they want to get involved in for a time. That demeans your person.
(3) To deliberately stick to your budget by controlling your daily expenses. Remember you cannot satisfy your needs, but you can satisfy your budget and feel fulfilled. You must continue to check and balance attitude towards your expenditure by asking yourself relevant questions like: do my expenses really reflect my exact priority? Do my expenses give me opportunity to pay myself salary? Are my expenses more than my monthly income? Are my expenses allowing me the opportunity of satisfying my choices? This can be achieved by writing down your needs, writing down the sum amount you need to satisfy them, asking yourself, will all of these needs be solved or bought in the same day, ask yourself your preferences, ask yourself those you can do without and take periodic review of your expenses and match them with the current prices in the market.
(4) To compose your choice.
We think we need to stop here for this week. God willing we will meet again next week.
Let us pray together.

Dear Lord and saviour JESUS we appreciate you again today for sparing our collective lives and giving us another opportunity to Express our thoughts this week, We continue to present our friends and Partners before you for your continuous support and protection, We declare that your favour shall locate them in all ramifications and your blessings shall be their portion, We cover all of them with the blood of JESUS CHRIST, Put a boundary and hedge over them against any aggression from the pit of hell, We pray these prayers through Jesus CHRIST our Lord and saviour AMEN.
Be guided and stay safe always. Joy cometh.



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