The Amotekun Community Policing Outfit recently launched in all of the 6 States of the old Western Region by all of the Governors working in collaboration with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in the Southwest is a step in the right direction to reduce the frightening breakdown of Law and Order in the Southwest.

It has become clear to all and sundry in Nigeria that the responsibility of keeping crimes and violence to the barest minimum in Nigeria is a task that has to be done.

The Governors as Chief Security Officers in all of their States are far better equipped and in a better position to coordinate that effort by team up to do that for own Geo-political Zone in Nigeria.

The Federal Government has done the right thing to accommodate it.


The Federal Government should therefore take the extra step needed to make it work for the purpose for which it was established within the parameters of the existing Laws of the country

We all must support the move and make it work for us.

Intelligence Gathering and Sharing has to be a major focus of the “Amotekun” Complementary Security Outfit and its impact on society must be quantifiable and reviewed from time to time to determine its usefulness and which of its activities need to be carefully monitored and regulated because they can be easily abused,

If it succeeds. you can be sure that many other Geo-Political Zones
might want to copy it in every state of Nigeria

Dr. Wumi Akintide.


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