Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the need to contain its contagion and save lives, many measures with far-reaching socio-economic implications have been introduced and enforced by various governments globally.

The government of Nigeria has followed this up with inter-state Border Travel Closure And Night Curfew, making allowance for the movement of Strictly Essential and listed materials and personnel.

As at today there is a trending influx of truck-loads of able-bodied youths across borders into other states. This organised movement started with the repatriation of ALMAJIRIS from Kano state to Kaduna state in order for them to rejoin their families. There is ample evidence that the trend has now extended even to the southern states.

There are some and other pertinent questions that demand answers and explanations: Why Are These Trucks In Their Large Numbers Camouflaging Numerous Non-Essential Human Traffic With Some Food Items? What Are Able-Bodied Youths And Even Almajiris Moving Down South For At This Perilous Time? Why The Defiance Of Government Orders And The Laxity Of Security Operatives Across Numerous State Borders? Is This More Than Meets The Ordinary Eyes? One would have expected a forceful condemnation of this surreptitious and clandestine trend of defiance from the highest government level and even more from the governors of the southern states who should feel for their people over the possible contagion and spread of this virus. This deafening silence over this mass movement is rather very worrisome.


In safety management it is taught that: All Big Fires Start As Small Fires. A word is enough for the wise. Please permit me to borrow from and adulterate the late Yoruba performer Hubert Ogunde’s admonition: Let us “ro nu!!!” The time is NOW!!! God bless and stay safe.


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