New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been hailed for her leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. But here is a story I am persuaded to share with you which speaks volumes of what leadership entails.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and her partner were turned away from a cafe in Melbourne on Saturday because it was too full under the physical distancing guidelines. An employee ran after them a few minutes later when a table became free and the couple went back to the cafe. The PM was later quoted as having said that she just waits like everyone else.

I was moved to reflect on lessons we can learn from this PM on leadership in my own country. Humility is a critical ingredient for leadership. When laws are made it is important that leaders show glaring example as this PM respected the social distancing guideline at that cafe.

But followership should also guide the leaders as that cafe waiter did not flout the guideline because of the status of the PM. In this story there was no mention of security details and sirens accompanying the PM to a cafe. These leaders know the need to cut down on cost of governance.


These are subtle but far-reaching lessons that both leadership and followership must imbibe in our own clime to engender good governance.
God bless and please stay safe.


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