The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Amichi, His Lordship, The Rt. Rev’d. Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor has taken to social media to raise alarm over the deteriorating spiritual state of the Church.

Bishop Ikeakor raised the alarm against the backdrop of the government controlling activities and practices of the church under the guise of containing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. He lamented that happening around the church since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the spiritual state of the church pointing out that unless drastic steps are taken, the church which has been in coma will eventually find itself in the mortuary.

“In the name of loyalty and obedience, the leadership of the church has effortlessly and unconsciously handed over the freedom, sanctity, sacredness, and control of the spiritual life of the church to the enemies of the church. The church like king Saul has fallen into very deep spiritual slumber and slept leaving her spear and jug of water to the enemy.”

“Just as David took away king Saul’s spear and the jug of water, the politicians, Satanists, occultists, atheists and ungodly government of the world have taken away the sword of the spirit, ridiculed the power God, the efficacy of prayer made in the name of Jesus Christ, and the water of nourishment from the church.”


Bishop Ikeakor accused church leaders of conniving and colluding with ungodly government officials to denigrate the church of Jesus Christ as a place where people can contract the dreaded coronavirus disease. He blamed the unfortunate situation on the fear of persecution by some church leaders.

“Anytime the church, Christians and church leaders are afraid of persecution from the world, that church surely has signed a doomed pact with extinction. Saul’s spear was his weapon of defense and offense against the enemy, while his jug of water was his fountain and repository of refreshing, reinvigorate, and reawakening. Any warrior that loses these two weapons and instruments has surrendered to the enemy and will remain a perpetual helpless vicious victim in the hands of the enemy.”

He described the church as the holy sanctuary of the almighty God where his power and presence are available and operational. According to him,  the church is the representative of God in all ramifications.

“The church is the healing home of the people of God. The church is the strong tower of God’s people where they run into and are protected. The church is the harbinger of God’s glorious majesty, sovereignty, and supremacy. The church gives a sense of direction to the government.”

“The church gives hope to the world and the government in the midst of hopelessness. The church is the custodian of God’s almightiness and all powerfulness.” He queried why the church should be designated as a mere place for socialization and cosmetic interactions by the government?

He called on Christians to wake up from their spiritual slumber and save the church. He called for a return to true biblical Christianity and those ancient practices that were the live wire of the church.

“Pastors and church leaders should de-emphasize seed sowing for the pastors’ comfort and focus on giving for the kingdom purpose and mandate. The time for the church to revert to aggressive and practical biblical discipleship programmes as against the user-friendly and utility-focused programmes we are floating in our churches is now. It is time to revive meaningful gospel morning cries, bus evangelism, market evangelism, motor parks evangelism, children ministry evangelism, gospel tracts production, and distribution.”


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