The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, the Most Rev’d Henry Ndukuba has pointed out that regardless of the roles individuals play in the establishment and growth of the Church or human community, God is the ultimate builder.

Primate Ndukuba made this known as he delivered his presidential address at the First Session of the Eleventh Synod of the Diocese of Abuja held at St. James Anglican Church, Asokoro. The Primate who spoke on the theme, “Building on the sure foundation” asserted that while the church honours those whom God used and uses for the work of His church, all glory and adoration belongs to Him alone because God will not share His glory with any man.

He explained that Jesus Christ is not searching for volunteerism, but for disciples, who are willing to lay aside their cares and agenda, to sacrifice, learn and follow Him daily till the very end.

The head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria opined that Jesus Christ is the only sure foundation because any other foundation can be destroyed and altered. Therefore, he urged Christians to build on Jesus Christ, on the word of God, and be ready to persevere to the end.


He said, “Jesus is the sure foundation upon whom all believers are living stones connected to Him and are growing into a spiritual temple, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

The Most Rev’d Ndukuba who presided over his first synod as the Bishop of Abuja Diocese highlighted that the diocese would build on the established foundation, uphold the vision of the Church of Nigeria and improve on programmes that enrich the spiritual life of members. He said the diocese would focus on: rebuilding lives, families, the Church and nation; mission, discipleship and nurturing the faith of believers; intentional building through the word of God; and advocacy for Godly standard in the Church and nation.

Meanwhile, at the Synod thanksgiving service, the Most Rev’d Joseph Akinfenwa, Bishop of Ibadan Anglican Diocese emphasized that anyone who is sowing a seed of discord amongst brethren is indulging in a sin that God hates. According to him, those who try to divide the children of God are building for the devil and not God.

He said, “No one has a right to scatter the flock of Christ, whatever the reason.”

The Synod guest preacher charged Christians to build on the sure foundation, which is Jesus Christ, and refuse to join the world to do evil. He asserted that one could either build a house that is corruptible or one that is incorruptible; adding that if one sows the right seeds, it would produce the right results.

Archbishop Akinfenwa remarked that the era of spectator worshippers is gone forever because Christians could no longer afford to attend church services as though they are in a movie theatre. He said believers need to find their place within the body of Christ and work for Jesus Christ.

He decried the way people rationalize sinful actions, noting that sin should be called by its name so that it could be addressed properly. He pointed out that to build on the sure foundation, Christians must return to how Christianity started and focus on mission and soul-winning, which is the heartbeat of God.

The Bishop of Ibadan Diocese enjoined Christians to serve with humility, and bear the fruit of the Spirit so that the church of God would continue to grow.


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