The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Rev’d Henry C. Ndukuba has received the Sir Ahmadu Bello Award of GARWUWAN Matasan Arewa Nigeria (Shield of Nigeria Northern Youth).

The National Council of the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria, through a delegation led by Comrade Amb. Salihu Yusuf, conferred the Platinum leadership award on the Primate on Monday, 12th October 2020 at his office in the Church of Nigeria National Secretariat, Gudu, Abuja.

Primate Ndukuba who received the delegation expressed happiness that the council had chosen to recognize him not for money, but as a result of his leadership virtues. He promised to stand with the youths, as long as God gave him the opportunity.

He said, “We promise to stand by the youths, we promise to work with the youths, and we promise to speak for the youths, so long as God gives us the opportunity.”


The head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria urged the executives of the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria to note that they are not just leaders of tomorrow, but leaders of today; adding that they should involve themselves in politics.

He appealed to Nigerian Youths to “be involved in politics, in the right way, not as thugs, and not as those who will be fighting for those who think that power belongs to them.” Ndukuba quoted from the scriptures to buttress his point that power belongs to God and not to any man or class. He expressed hope that the youths of the nation would get involved in politics and leadership, and eventually take on the leadership of Nigeria.

In response, one of the group, Comrade Stephen, read out a citation on the Primate and presented him with the platinum leadership award. The citation is as follows:

“From whatever perspective you choose to look at him MOST REV’D HENRY C. NDUKUBA has made a voyage in the leadership industry with a class of touch. He is one of the most professionals whose efficiency, knowledge, diligence and professionalism have become another definition of standard in the leadership industry. Men of unique achievement are celebrated anywhere in the world. When their values are appreciated, they are spurred to do more, more so they are encouraged to inspire the younger generation. He is an excellent and a special specimen of an extraordinary leadership expert, who looks simple, humble and gentle; his appearance is a blend of intellect and professionalism. Equipped with a disciplined character, this leadership surgeon has perfected the act of working silently, while his accomplishment speaks for him. He is one of the best minds with practical ideas as a system expert.

MOST REVD HENRY C. NDUKUBA is the future in the present, a very colourful individual and one of the most noticeable representatives of our generation. He is a marvellous human being, an equivalent of an entire library of success, a community builder, an efficient team player, a quintessential leader, an exceptional polyglot and leadership navigator. A signature of success, compassionate leader, pace-setter, role model, beacon of hope, pillar of support, a cultured and cultivated acting tycoon. A stimulant in the leadership growth, an enterprising young man, a central fugal force in the religious department, a man who changed the skyline of how a principal leader should be.

In the words of Ralph W. Emerson, “you indeed deserve every honour that is accorded to you because greatness is a property for which no man can receive credit too soon; it must be possessed long before it is acknowledged.”

Heroes are made by the events of their time, MOST REV’D HENRY C. NDUKUBA is an astute, brilliant man, a master of leadership, tactician of note. A man of many parts, a professional with unparalleled virtues, and a goal-getter. Leadership personnel with style and candour. Most people testify to your professional competence, career achievement and ability to succeed where many have failed. But what has made your name a signature of success is certainly more than these. Your uprightness, desire to always uphold the global standard, ability to lead by example and your patriotic spirit and other factors have made you a successful leadership expert. Knowledge can only give a man power, but it is the attitude displayed by that man in the application of knowledge that makes him command the respect of his peers. Many professionals in Nigeria, in public and private service, cannot be said to have both. Still, one of the few professionals in the public sector in Nigeria today, who has both knowledge and attitude is MOST REVD HENRY C. NDUKUBA.

Sir, your untiring leadership qualities and good disposition will continue to bring local and international honour to us. Today, youths are following your footpath so as to overcome the fall of the academic standard to compete and excel in the global system where knowledge is prized. You have also brought to your current position, dignity, honesty, competence distinction and administrative fairness. We honour you today because you are a great man of purpose, vision, integrity, a great leader of all leaders and a blessing to many generations. You deserve more eloquent words to qualify your person and also to quantify your worth because you have won a space in our hall of fame.

Congratulations Sir!”


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