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NAF Flies Conjoined Bayelsa Twins To Yola For Separation


The Nigerian Airforce, on Thursday, airlifted conjoined twins and their parents to the Federal Medical Centre in Yola, where the twins, joined in the abdomen, would undergo medical procedure to separate them.

Doctors at the Federal Medical Centre, Yola, led by its Chief Medical Director, Prof. Auwal Abubakar, a renowned pediatric surgeon, and other doctors had successfully separated female omphalopagus twins (joined from mid-thorax to mid-abdomen) in May, 2018.

The separation of the twins, Saturday PUNCH learnt, would not be immediate.

Although Prof. Abubakar, when contacted, declined comment on the matter. A senior medical officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the arrival of the conjoined twins at the health facility.


He said the operation would take place in one or two months’ time after the twins had grown a bit to allow a higher chance of success.

He said, “The centre is getting ready for the separation but that will have to be in the next few months from now because the twins will need to grow a bit for any chance of success in the separation of the conjoined. So it is not going to be immediately. “

NAF, which undertook the airlift of the twins along with the parents from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State to Yola via helicopter and fixed wings transport aircraft, said it undertook the airlift as a humanitarian gesture to aid the family of the twins. It also prayed for the successful operation of the conjoined twins in terse message sent to news outlets.


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