Message From The Office Of Vice-Chancellor Ajayi Crowther University


Dear Parents and Students,

Praise to God for the successful take-off of the rescheduled Mid-Semester examinations following the acquisition of our own dedicated Server. The capacity is so large that when 2000 students logged on today, there was no congestion as they used only 2% of the capacity.

With this, we can confidently announce that the main second-semester examination which will now start on 10th August will be conducted using the same online mode. It will be a combination of Objective Tests and Essay formats.

Law students will write their examinations at various centres in the country as earlier planned. Theirs will be fully Essay type and it will be invigilated by our Teaching staff at the chosen centres. Examinations for Law students may take place before the 10th August, in order to enable them to participate in the other faculties’ exams which they may have offered as subsidiary subjects.


All students are advised to regularly check our website and other means of social media for updates on approved centres, Time Table and dates.

Results of the examinations taken today are already available having been marked immediately after, but we shall release all results of Continuous Assessment immediately after the conclusion of Mid-Semester examinations on Tuesday next week. We shall conclude all Second-semester examinations by the end of August and release results early in September by God’s grace. This will bring the second semester to a close.

Graduating students’ results will be considered and approved by the Senate around mid -September.

The current VC’s tenure will expire on 31st September 2020. He shall return to Lagos State University, to his post as professor of Theology. Therefore, it is likely that our students will not meet me in ACU when they resume next session. I, therefore, use this opportunity to thank all my children (our students) and their very lovely parents ( especially officers of the Parents Forum), for their love and cooperation with me during my five-year tenure. I will surely miss you all. But I will be praying for you all and for the cusses of our children in their lives.

Please keep up the high standard laid during my tenure. Maintain discipline, moral uprightness, hard work, shun immorality, no exam malpractices, aim for excellence ( we produced 42 First class the last convocation, be productive and law-abiding.

During my time, discipline and spirituality were restored, academic standard raised to the bar, all programmes were accredited, we didn’t owe salaries at any time, all roads were tarred, about one hundred buildings were constructed, three new campuses were added, postgraduate programmes were introduced up to PhD level, HND conversion programmes were introduced, 15 institutions were affiliated with our degree programmes all over Nigeria, we started our Radio station, introduced many new academic programmes, purchased 35 vehicles for all faculties, started ACU primary school and College, constructed six new Guesthouses, produced Crowther Water, etc, developed new Gym and sports centres, build 60 staff apartments, etc etc. All these without any funding from Church or government.

We do not owe the owners of hostels any money. We’ve remitted all their dues, amounting to almost 100 million per session.
In case of the truncated second semester, we shall charge students only the prorated amount of rent for the few weeks they used the sisters before the CONVID 19 lockdown. Those who had paid for the full semester will have the excess credited to their hostel fee account by Bursary Dept against next session.

I pray for blessings upon all my children, our students, as they write their various examinations. I wish you all great success in your lives and future endeavours in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bishop Prof. Dapo F. Asaju.


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