• When the lockdown started, worship centres were not left untouched. Church buildings were shut, but the heart of the people of God remained open. Invariably, this informs us that even though our gathering together is important, our worship of God shouldn’t be limited to that alone. We must develop our individual relationship with God. It is important. During the few weeks of lockdown, people worshipped in their homes. Some joined the online services, while others engaged in individual worship of God. Dearly beloved, develop your worship of God.
In conclusion, the pandemic reminds us that anything can happen at any time. Death is inevitable and can come anytime. The Bible tells us that everyone is destined to die once and after that, judgment (Heb. 9: 27). Having this in mind then, are we ready for the judgment? Let everyone prepare for his last home, as this pandemic tells us anything can happen anytime without seeking our prior approval. Above all, Jesus Christ will come to judge the living and the dead. The time draws near every day and it is at hand. Be prepared!
As we celebrate, we pray against future occurrence of any pandemic in our land and the world at large. We are for peace and healing. There shall be peace in the world; there shall also be healing.
(The Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Oluyamo, JP, is the Anglican Bishop of Ijesa North Diocese)


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