As part of effort to ease the process of shopping on Lagos Island markets , the Lagos State Government through the Office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Central Business Districts, CBD, has launched a web base electronic business guide.

The Special Adviser to the Governor on CBD, Mr. Agboola Dabiri at a public display and launching of the electronic business directory, said the present administration was exploring the advantage of technology to ease the process of doing business in the ever populated Lagos Island markets.

He said with the launch of the electronic business guide, shoppers did not have to drive from one shop to another searching for their goods or services on the Island any longer as they could easily log on to the website and contact dealers of their desired goods from their phones, laptops or desktops.

The Special Adviser disclosed that the launch of the electronic business guide was one of the requirements of being a member of the International Downtown Association which Lagos Central Business District belong to.


“The Lagos CBD is a member of the International Downtown Association and as a member, you are required to develop an electronic business guide to ease doing business in the Districts,” he said.

Dabiri said that Lagos Electronic business guide was expected to reduce the large number of people coming to search for products on Lagos Island markets daily as people could now search for products and service from their comfort zones by logging on to

He said the use of the product was free, convenient and easy to use by everybody who could use a phone.

“Coming to do business on Lagos Island markets sometimes could be frustrating because of the large volume of crowd we face daily. Most people are discouraged to come to Lagos Island markets just because of this singular frustrating crowd and the traffic issues associated with it. But today, with the launching of this business guide, shoppers and consumers with a click on the buttons of their laptops, phones and desktops can search for their desired goods and services at the comfort of their homes,” Dabiri said.


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