You can only agree with us that Nigeria is becoming interesting by the day. Here in umuokanne is raining heavily and the vegetations are rejoicing because of the Abundance of rain and the trees around here are clapping their hands in total adoration to the owner of the whole universe. But humanity is playing insane politics and protest. What a world we are about to hand over to upcoming generations, what a crisis ridden society we are preparing to bequeath to the next generation! What a shameful political class we are building to hand over to upcoming generations. A shameful government without any iota of conscience. What a world that greed, corrupt, insane and low moral people rose to offices meant for men of goodwill simply because they throw few coins around to poverty stricken communities and grab their conscience for life. Make no mistake about it everyone of us will give account of stewardship. Whether Mr. President, Mr. GOVERNOR, MR. Senator, Mr. Speaker or General overseer or Bishop or Clergyman or Apostle. Some day all our attitudes and veiled feelings will be uncovered. The level of wickedness in the world and especially in Nigeria is becoming unbearable. This is a nation where chalants and dropouts determine the fate of Professors and professionals. Where evil men who ought to be rebuked are welcome with heroic ceremonies and celebrations. Where titles are dished out to known robbers and masters of kidnappers. Where justice is denied people in clear view of the whole world. Where people are put in prison for almost five years without trial. Where wickedness is seen as virtue and where royal fathers who were supposed to be sacred are rubbishing our age long and cherished inheritance. Where their Royal highnesses live outside their domain and still have the conscience to legislate from where they abode using one uncultured Traditional Prime minister to administer the AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITY. My dear we read an article by unknown author which we will like to reprint here and we are sure it will bless your soul. “NEVER FEAR UNKNOWN: IT IS ONLY UNKNOWN TO YOU. GOD KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE AND GUIDES EVERY STEP HE ASKS YOU TO TAKE ” AND THE BIBLE DID SAY ” IF I TAKE THE WINGS OF THE MORNING , AND DWELL IN THE UTTERMOST PARTS OF THE SEA; EVEN THERE SHALL THY HAND LEAD ME, AND THY RIGHT HAND SHALL HOLD ME ” A beautiful passage in Psalm. God no matter where we are, to what depths we have sunk or distances we have travelled, God will be by our side, His hand and light our guide. Hence be not afraid of this world or Global upheaval, for we are never alone. The enemy may seem winning the battle, don’t worry or be alarmed God will smash him and his cohorts. At the cross he was celebrating victory till he heard from the mouth of the Prince of peace IT’S FINISHED! QED. Soon and we mean soon you will hear it again and the enemies and proud talking people will go into hiding. If ordinary Corona virus will torment the whole world then what will you make out when the KING OF KINGS ANNOUNCES HIS PRESENCE! Your heart should not fail you, Jesus christ says ” DO NOT LET YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED. TRUST IN GOD, TRUST ALSO IN ME ” . You are invited to put behind all your fears and take boldness and forward ever. Do you know why, because there is no road behind and fear cannot take you anywhere anyway. There is intentional creation of anxiety and uproar around the world to achieve a forceful acceptance but do you know what, we will resist and conquer its infectious influence. Bet me you were made with iron steel gold and as such you were created not to rust. Some friends have raised some concerns about some of the issues we talked about last week and in our usual approach we will try to address them while reflecting and meditating this week. Our reflections and meditations will try to center on GLOBAL ECONOMIC OUTLOOK AND EMERGING MARKET TRENDS OF THE DEVELOPING ECONOMIES. There exists huge empirical and conceptual evidence in strategic management literature on the relationship between the environment of firms and their survival ( Ottih, 2006) .Of note within the multiple components of the environment of organisations is ecology which encapsulates diseases but having peripheral attention. The contemporary events across the globe has promptly made diseases the pillars on which environmental discourse is built, if organisations or governments or faith based organisations must survive and achieve desired goals. It is common knowledge that while the global pandemic COVID-19 has claimed lives of many of its infected victims around the globe, it has inadvertently rendered the health of corporate organisations including the faith based organisations numb. This is also the case with nations and states with sharp negatively upturned economic cycles characteristically described as either recessed or depressed. The obvious implication is that, the operational and earnings capacity of corporate organisations expectedly dwindles and its effects continue to trickle down the road to the very least staff. As it affects corporate organisations, its infectious effects are also seen in the government own establishment and other financial institutions. Recently FG has planned to review capital market master plan in order to align the assumptions and projections with current financial realities. They stated that it was a very important step in redefining the roadmap for stakeholder participation in the Nigeria capital market. HOPE you know that the core objective of the 10- year capital master plan (2015-2025) is to evolve strategies for the improvement of the Nigerian capital market in key areas including investors protection and education, professionalism, product innovation, and for the expansion of the capital market’s role in the nation’s economy. Again, while inaugurating the National Savings strategy (NSS) workgroup in Abuja the minister of finance ,Budget and National planning said the capital market masterplan proposed the NSS as one of the key initiatives to drive capital formation and investment necessary to support entrepreneurs and enterprise development in the urgent task of diversifying the economy and deepening of the market. She went further to say that her expectation is when the review is concluded is that we would have a strategic document that provides a clear pathway that would enable the Nigeria’s capital market achieve the goal to be Africa’s largest, deepest and most liquid capital market contributing not to Nigeria’s socioeconomic development but also serve as a global financial hub offering opportunities to other parts of Africa.
Few things that have happened during the week:
(1) Resident doctors on strike, what a time to go on strike but instead of FG to intervene and sort these guys who spent almost 10 years studying medicine the FG resorted to threat then of course it’s our way, FG orders attendance registers, to intimidate their academic superior because they have power,
(2) Court martial dismisses ex-GOC over stolen #400m and the question is has he paid back the money before dismissal,
(3) FG releases another 3,955 inmates, please FG is there any possible plan to rehabilitate and reorientate,
(4) Two million farmers will get zero interest financing from FG and we do hope that these farmers targeted will not become ghost farmers,
(5) IMF stated that FG needs $100 billion investment in roads and hope human beings will use these roads hence let us also plan the survival of the citizens who will use these roads we are planning to commit $100 billion,
(6) Meanwhile foreign reserves has fallen by $129.83 million in just one week,
(7) JAMB, Varsities adopt 160 as UTME cut off mark, which way Nigeria,
(8) Presidency says that the protesting northern youths should thank God that we are in democracy,
(9) Businessman being investigated for #75 million fraud died during COVID-19, Nigerians!,
(10) Lottery, betting firms withhold federal government’s #100billion,
(11) Lawan says that Nigeria losses $29 billion annually to power sector failure ,
(12) Reps query #187 billion spent on school feeding program,
(13) The IG says police have arrested 799 suspected rapists and we request that their names be published,
(14) Kaduna rep member appoints 79 aides ,
(15) USA sanctions 6 Nigerians over $6 million fraud and don’t be surprised if these fraudulent Nigerians sanctioned are His Royal highness or even majesties or Eminence in their communities,
(16) Nigeria’s refineries record #154 billion loss in one year while Kaduna plant makes zero revenue, incurs #64 billion,
(17) FG to sanction, prosecute indiscriminate bole hole drillers, wonderful if the FG will do the needful by providing her citizens suitable and drinkable water before sanctioning and prosecuting.
Again, few things to look at as we keep moving on towards adjusting to the new normal.
(1) The church and indeed faith based organisations should be very careful and alert of what is going on around us. One wonders the rationale behind markets, supermarkets, hangouts etc. are allowed to open and operate but churches closed down. We believe it’s time to question the status quo.
(2) The COVID-19 pandemic surge is reinforcing. Most countries that have celebrated their victory are back to base with more numbers asking for genuine cure from the outset.
(3) With the plan to review the Capital market masterplan, it’s expected you learn to save your money by curtailing your expenses.
(4) Look at your budget again and remove every none income sure. Don’t plan your budget with expected borrowing of money.
(5) Train in some certain trade now and don’t buy everything from the market.
(6) For those who want to invest in hard currency please watch carefully the market forces of
demand and supply before investing.
(7) Genuine land is still better option while money market instruments is still better than any in that category.
(8) Finally for this week, please avoid quick money. Someone we discussed with yesterday had just lost almost #4 million to a group of people who were paying him 10% monthly. He started with #100,000 and after a few months of successful monthly returns he went and sold his land and instead of investing half of the sales he invested the total amount and after two months of the huge investment he could no longer receive call or know the office again. Just yesterday. Please any investment you are not sure of the office, registration number, MOU or article of establishment don’t invest your money. Money is scarce now so don’t jump play with yours.
Just think we need to stop here this week.
Let us pray
ALMIGHTY God, may we never be destroyed because of another’s mistakes in the mighty name of Jesus christ Amen
Our God may we never be destroyed because of careless plans of another person in Jesus mighty name Amen
Heavenly father and the Creator of the whole universe preserve us from the gang up of the evil one and may their calculated plans be thwarted in Jesus mighty name Amen
Great God our ears will continue to hear good news throughout this week in Jesus mighty name Amen.
Thanks immensely for hearing our collective prayers in the mighty name of Jesus christ Amen.
Do stay away and safe. JOY cometh.
His Bondservant Chidi.



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