Curtailing Coronavirus C.A.N.A West Suspends All Church-Related Gatherings For Two Weeks


The diocesan bishop of the diocese of the WEST, and missionary bishop of CANA, Anglican Communion, The Rt Rev Dr Felix Orji, has directed all parishes within his Diocese to suspend all church-related public gatherings for the next two weeks

According to the bishop, this includes all church services and social gatherings related to church and congregations, adding that If any church must gather for worship for any reason within this period, the Rector must inform him the bishop) in writing and include the consent of the Vestry of the parish,

Bishop Orji also stated that the directive is for the next two weeks or more, depending on the local authorities, city ordinance or state, stressing that this is a critical period in curtailing the spread of the Coronavirus as stated recently by the Centers for Disease Control

The bishop further recommended the following actions to keep congregations connected and engaged with the Church: By using their internet and Social Media directors to set up a Live Stream every Sunday to allow parishioners to virtually attend services. This can be done via Church’s Facebook page or Instagram account. Or by using another phone or digital camcorder to video their services and uploading those videos to their Church’s YouTube page for viewing at any time.


The financial viability of parishes and the diocese, however, is a legitimate concern for many clergy and vestries, so the Bishop strongly urged the congregation to continue to give to churches during this time



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