Prices of consumables and some other goods including transport fares have ,astronomically increased as the Lagos State Government ordered that markets across the state be closed for some times starting from Thursday this week.

Newspot Nigeria Correspondent who went round on Wednesday reported that the major food market (Mile 12) was partially closed as Lagosians rushed to buy foodstuff to stock their houses ahead of the market closure.

Although the government said those selling foods, drugs and other essentials were not ordered to close their market, fear of scarcity has gripped residents and thousands of people grouped to stock food items.

Traders in Lagos have taken advantage of the situation in the state to increase the prices of goods.


Commercial drivers have also increased the transport fares as Mushin to Idumota is now between N400 and N300 as against the normal N200. Ajah from CMS has increased to N400 from N200.

On the mainland, the transport fare has not been increased as passengers pay the same amount they used to pay on all routes.


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