The Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion have replied to the criminal complaint/charges against the bishop of Zaria with regards to reports attributed to, and several other social media outlets.

In a press statement made available to newsmen the church of Nigeria Through its general secretary the Venerable Gershinen Paul Dajur, said
“It is a matter of public record that the Government of Kaduna State filed criminal charges against the Anglican Bishop of Zaria the Rt Rev’d Abiodun Ogunyemi over certain allegedly defamatory statements he had made of and concerning the Governor of the State, His Excellency, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. “

“The Church of Nigeria promptly intervened to prevent an escalation of the matter. It is indeed true that there are on-going consultations, which should lead to an amicable resolution of the Government’s criminal complaint against our Bishop. “

“ The Church has itself unreservedly condemned the violence and killings in Southern Kaduna and once again calls on the State and Federal Government to prevent any further killings and/or reprisals forthwith and to bring the perpetrators to justice, in order to leave nobody in doubt about its sincerity, authority and resolve. This would also serve as a deterrent to perpetrators of violence in the State and in the country. The protection of all lives and property and restoring peace to Southern Kaduna must be the number one priority of all concerned. “


“ As a Church, we stand for and with all our bishops, clergy and members. As we do so, we are mindful of our duty and our mandate to work with other concerned institutions and groups including Government, in order to effectively tend to the needs of our people and to provide succour wherever we can.”

“ The solution to the crisis in Kaduna State and in the increasing number of States experiencing violence across our beloved nation is not to stoke the fires of conflict, but to promote understanding and good neighbourliness by calling on Government to immediately put an end to the epidemic of lawlessness, criminality and murder in Southern Kaduna and across Nigeria.”


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