The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), on Tuesday cautioned the Speaker House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila not to pass into law the proposed bill on infectious disease control in Nigeria.

CAN said the bill was initiated to destroy Civil, Human rights of Nigerians, adding that if passed will prevent Nigerians from having a say in their own affairs.

The religious body in a letter written to the Speaker, Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila and made available to The Nation noted that too much power were ceded to the Minister of Health and the Director General (DG), of the National Council of Disease Control (NCDC).

The letter signed by the National Secretary of CAN, Barr. Joseph Daramola, reads in part: “It has come to the notice of this august Association, your intention to allow the above named Bill, which seeks to prohibit and control Infectious Diseases, to be passed by the Federal Home of Representatives into law with jet speed.


“The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and other well meaning citizens of this country have critically and carefully looked into this Bill and cannot but observe the following : That, it was initiated to destroy the Civil and Hum Rights of Nigerians. It prevents Nigerians from having a say in their own affairs through the hasty and away way by which the House’ ts trying to make it a Law.

“Among this denial of the fundamental human rights are: right to life, personal liberty, freedom from degrading and inhuman treatment, privacy, right to acquire and own property, freedom of movement and freedom of religion, just to mention a few.

“These rights are held sacred and invaluable except on clearly defined occasions as provided for by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Remember that the Courts in Nigeria, on numerous occasions, have struck out Acts of Parliaments and Legislation, including Executive Orders of Governments, which do violence to any of the Fundamental Human Rights provided for in the Constitution.

“In view of the above (i-v). the Christian Association of Nigeria hereby advises the leadership and Honorable Members of the House to immediately allow the Spirit of God to prevail over the primordial intentions and ambition, not to pass this controversial, nebulous and obnoxious Bill into Law in the overall lntetest of Nigerians.

“This Bill is not what is currently being expected hunt the House of Representatives, but rather, the development of the Vaccines that will stop this COVlD-l9 Pandemic from further killing of our Citizens”.

CAN went further that: “The question in the hearts of many people is this: “Why the rush for Infections Disease Bill. when the Vaccine is not available yet?”

“In this obnoxious Bill, too much powers have been ceded to the Minister of Health and the Directs General (DG) of the National Council of Disease Control (NCDC), almost to the exclusion of the Judiciary in mediation, where the Orders of the Minister of Health and the DG of NCDC appears to violate the fundamental Human Rights, as enshrined in the Constitution.

“Sequel to the above. we urge the House to discontinue discussion on this Bill forthwith in the overall interest of the Nigerian Citizens. However, should you insist that there is merit in this unacceptable Bill, we insist that this bill should pass through Public Hearing”.


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