The Anglican Cable Network Nigeria rebranded to Advent Cable Network Nigeria is in the first instance satellite television station owned by the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, with its operation headquarters located in Abuja.

Currently, it broadcasts on one of the largest broadcast satellite known as INTELSAT 20KU located on 68.5 degree East, with its frequency 12682 H, symbol rate 27500. This satellite covers over 70 countries, cutting across Africa and Europe (See here: )

ACNN can also be viewed on its website  worldwide and recently listed on android App named VM Africa (Download on Google play store to watch ACNN TV).


It can also be found on social media; on Facebook with over 20K subscribers and on YouTube with over 5K subscribers.

Why the Change of Name?

On the 12th of December, 2019, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Rev’d Dr Nicholas D. Okoh assisted by the Primate-elect, The Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba, Bishops, Clergy and laity, dedicated the new studio of the television station and unveiled a new logo, that renamed the television from Anglican Cable Network Nigeria to Advent Cable Network Nigeria (ACNN).

The event was a symbolic moment as the new studio was also named after the family- Mr and Mrs Modupe and Folorunsho Alakija that donated a huge sum of money for the start-up of the television station in 2013.

Few hours after the news broke of the change of name, comments on social media, text messages and calls came to congratulate or query the reasons for the change of name.

Of note in the queries were comments on why the name “Anglican’’ was changed to “Advent”. This also featured on comments on one of the Anglican groups on Facebook.

Based on the comments on social media and via phone calls and text messages on the change of name of ACNN, some commented that the Church is trying to hide its identity. But, can such an identity as that of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion really be hidden?

Some felt that it’s not necessary to change the station’s name, others were of the opinion that those in the affairs of the station are mediocre, and some others felt that it should be reversed, no matter the reason for the change.

We, the management will like to state that we have taken note of all the comments and feedback; hence, this response. In the business of branding and naming conventions, one needs to understand certain things, which we will highlight here. But, we appeal to all to see this project as our own and in place of jumping to irrational conclusions, let us ask questions and make findings in order to understand the rationale behind any policy. Nevertheless, so far, here are a few things that I have found to be missing in some of the arguments.

Before I go forward, let me say that ACNN was established for some reasons:

  1. To reach out to the world, with the undiluted word of God in the days where the gospel has become diluted with heresy, using the same technology of broadcasting.
  2. To become the megaphone of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion and the entire Christians.
  3. To keep the orthodox faith alive
  4. To be a self-sustaining outfit financially, as it requires a lot of funds to run a TV station.

Now, we need to know that there’s something called “Product Name” or “Trademark” and “Company Name” or “Owners’ name”. For instance, the company that owns AIT (African Independent Television) is DAAR Communications Ltd. For “Peak Milk”, their company’s name is not “Peak Milk Nigeria Limited”, but “Friesland Campina WAMCO Nigeria PLC”. While products like Pears, Close-Up, Pepsodent, Lipton Yellow, Lux Soap, Knorr etc. are by a company called Unilever; just to mention a few.

To reach out to more audience in the world of different denominations and doctrines, most Church television stations are not named after its owners and this is verifiable.

E.g. Synagogue Church of All Nations has its Emmanuel TV (not Synagogue TV),

Roman Catholic has  Lumen Christi (not Roman Catholic TV),

Baptist Church has  New Frontiers (not Baptist TV),

RCCG has  Dove TV (not RCCG TV),

Omega Fire has  Celebration TV (not Omega Fire TV) to mention but a few of faith based stations.

To reach out to as many souls, outside Anglican denominational divide, those who understand  branding can quite understand this step is into the right direction. As Anglicans, we need to keep rebranding to keep pace with the world we are in . To remain static is to be obsolete.

Hence, using the word Anglican to the TV name will only make it parochial and make some non-Anglicans to “distance” themselves from the TV  or not to patronise it. ACNN is not only for Anglicans, hence it should aim at reaching more and more people through different platforms, strategies and means.

It is however important to note that one cannot seat to watch ACNN, without knowing its owner; and this is so for other Church owned TVs.

This is purely about branding. It’s about positioning. It’s about following global best practices in broadcast media industry, especially looking forward into the future and engaging other platforms.

Then Why Advent?

The choice of name was done over a period of 18 months by suggesting several names numbering up to 20 . The issue went before  the highest Constitution  making body of the Church–Standing Committee Meetings- in Ilorin, Minna, and Warri for the rebranding proposal and it scaled through.

A search at the Cooperate Affairs Commission, showed Unity TV and Advent TV were the only available names.

Advent TV was initially picked, but was turned down as it looks like the name of another denomination. However, it was later agreed at the board of management meeting to use the name Advent to replace the Anglican, so that the station can retain the acronym, ACNN

What is Advent?

A time of expectant waiting and preparation for both the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas and the return of Jesus at the Second Coming. This is the core of the gospel and  the focus of ACNN TV –winning, nurturing and preparing souls for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are not going to have Anglican Church alone in heaven? As far as it cuts across all Christian faith and a name known to the Church, that is the purpose of ACNN TV and for the future we aim at reaching to as many Christian viewers.

So what the Church of Nigeria (CoN) has done is not strange or hiding identity, but in line with the best practices all over the world and also to for us to penetrate more beyond our domain.


Advent is still part of Anglican …

No other TV bears that name… 

Churches whose members are ready to carry the financial burden alone and want to reach their members only remain with their Church’s name…

You cannot watch any Church TV station for a few minutes, without knowing its owner. That is a fact. It’s not by name, but through content.

This is a branding trend amidst faith based television.

Moreso, is Anglican a name or identity to hide really?? NO!

Let me also appreciate our dedicated supporters who have made themselves and resources available to ACNN on regular basis and to our esteemed customers who have kept us on with contents and their payments, to ensure ACNN is running.

The big question should be how much are we using to support ACNN as individuals, parishes, Archdeaconry or Diocese? Or how much have you donated to ensure that ACNN continues to run and enter more platforms. 

Let’s keep thinking globally and leave the narrow-minded mindset behind.

Make up your mind today to be part of ACNN partners with as low as ₦1,000, ₦2,000, ₦2,500 to ₦30,000 per month (REGISTER AT ➡ FOR DETAILS CALL +234-8032321280 Or +234-7032656544)

Thank you.



NAIRA: 1016868363

DOLLAR: 5071245121

POUND: 5060317824




Engr. Korede Akintunde

General Manager, ACNN


  1. Much as I appreciate the reason(s) adduced to the change from Anglican to Advent of our ACNN TV, my worry is that these factors that were considered the basis for the change would have been considered from the outset. If the wider public who are not Anglicans would not patronize the TV station because of being branded after the owner’s name, then this change is belated because since the existence of the TV with its maiden name, many have already associated with Anglicans.


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