It’s indeed a refreshing evening with some astonishing moments even as the day greets us with TRINITY one. It was a harmonious life transforming experience as we looked at the scripture emphasizes of Ezekiel 37: 15 to the end, Ephesians 2: 11 to end and then grounded in Psalm 133:1-3.

Clearly manifest in the scriptures above is God’s expression and expectations of His people. That is for another day but we must say that God has committed and commanded His unquantified blessings in the place of UNITY. It’s priceless and INESTIMABLE. We indeed have taken appropriate measures to address some issues raised during last week reflections and meditations. Some of those concerns have been handled in our previous reflections and meditations hence we advise you possibly search for those write ups. That notwithstanding, we still make some passing comments on some areas of concern. Once again we reflect and meditate with the singular intention of preparing for the obvious future put in another way THE NEW NORMAL.

The new normal approach is WEAPONIZING ECONOMIC GROWTH AND TRUNCATING ECONOMIC REALITIES BY EMACIATING ECONOMIC MOTHER HEN. Like seriously last week has been tremendously exciting reading stories for and against ALL THE NEW PANDEMIC RACISM AND RAPE.  You know we honestly tell ourselves lies all the time even in the face of absolute truth. There has been series of protests and counter protests going on in and around the world,  condemnations and vengeful statements, and different movements and realignment. While all these are going on in the world, some states in Nigeria are busy and secretly advancing bills through their state house of assemblies and obtaining signing into laws while many of us are still busy looking elsewhere. We wish to draw your attention that such bills you never knew when they were read and your opinion not sorted for are waiting for you after Covid-19.

Racism is not only in America or Europe or China but right here in Nigeria and in your very villages, hence after protests on Facebook please come home. Many of our people have been killed as a result of racism and violence and nothing has been done about it at least to the best of our knowledge. Racism is purely resident in Nigeria and in every institution or Organisation even Nigeria churches are the headquarters for racism. Who actually has bewitched us. Anyone whose house is on fire and he or she is pursuing rat is a Capital Fool. Try out the definition of racism you will be astonished that many of us are racists yet to manifest. Another area of concern that dominated issues since last week is Rape. A lot of suggestions as per punishment to dish out for rapist and counter suggestions are still grabbing the attention of the daily headlines. By the way who are the rapist? What class of people are they? Who are their parents? Who is behind them? The answer to these questions will provide the PENALTY to the rapist. As long as these questions remain unanswered the issue of punishment will continue to be on debate burner. We belong to a country where justice is only arrived at quickly when it comes to NOBODY OR NO POLITICAL BACKER.


Two people will commit the same criminal offence and one will be allowed to stay anywhere he wants and the other must be in prison. Make no mistake about it we are not in anyway supporting evil no matter who is involved but we are looking at Racism, Racist and Rape and its ugly impact on humanity and our economic system. We will try to leave it there for this week. Woa we are aware that you followed the events of the last week and hopefully you observed that protests and protests have taken over from Covid-19 controversies. Lawan led administration has approved Buharis $5.5 billion loan bring it to a total of loan….; Big trouble as more Nigerians sink deeper into poverty; due to OPEC cut, Nigeria’s oil revenues to drop by #140 billion; Stock market records #120 billion weekly loss; Kidnappers of immigration officer, kids demands #35 million; China’s foreign trade falls by 9.3% ; Covid-19 funds, CBN disburses #107.45 billion to beneficiaries; 7 million Nigerians to suffer acute hunger in three months; FG secures $1.45 billion fund to complete Ajaokuta steel complex and when will this project be completed?; Growing hunger amidst Covid-19 induced inflation, fallen income in Nigeria;CBN debits bank #460 billion in CRR; NASS renovations has been slashed by FG, okays #9.2 billion; NDLEA intercepts 3.136 Tonnes of illegal drugs in Kogi; World bank says pandemic drives broadest economic collapse in 150 years; World bank says that Nigeria’s economy will shrink by 3.2% in 2020 while Global economy is to shrink by 5.2%; Severe pandemic to trigger deeper recession, as 100 million people may go into extreme poverty; Foreign ministry spends #164 million on returnees accommodation while NCDC receives #5.620 billion and ministry of health gets #48 billion all from Covid-19 fund; CBN waives guarantor requirement for #50 billion Covid-19 loan hence nobody should be held responsible; currency in circulation rises to #2.35 trillion and over #10 billion losses awaits speculators as ABCON hits forex market.

Few things expected to happen with the current economic crisis via COVID-19 pandemic, Protests pandemic and economic shaker uncertainties.

(1) Racism and Racists are pandemic that if not carefully handled will outlive its greeted ovation

(2) What do you call a loan given to you and you are not allowed to manage it. The giver volunteers to accompany the loan to your country with full details of staff ranging from night guards, drivers, engineers, domestic workers,health workers ,different platforms to food items.  The projects are designed by the loan giver and write ups are done in their language and maintenance programs are documented in his language etc, this is simply economic colonization.

(3) Who evaluated the projects, what’s the BOT terms, what’s the discounting percentage and whose market are you creating.

(4) FG has approved #13 billion for pest control in 12 Northern states hence brethren in those states should please speak out for your own in order to control your farm because we will need every available food in the next few months from now

(5) Hope you know the implications for the battle banks are having with new waves of non-performing loans. Remember that most loans are depositors fund and the interest rates you receive are part of the loan interest rates repay

(6) Real estate is still a very viable option in investment but do avoid real estate agents especially fake ones. Try to deal long the line chains of agents. Remember you have the money and the owner wants to have the money hence you can avoid unnecessary agents by asking for the real owner

(7)We don’t have enough power here but we have exported #32billion worth of electricity in 2019. Remember without power no nation can have real development

(8) Area of possible market is yam hence FG in diversification bid have revived the Nigeria’s biggest yam market. Gari business has been showing some serious indications of expected growth even as price of gari rises by 95% in Enugu

( 9) A politician elected by his people to represent them brought them palliatives and can you guess what palliatives are, Oh no don’t worry the politician donated brand new ropes to his community to tie their goats

(10) 90% of Nigerians wealth is controlled by 2% of the citizens ASUU stated this obvious and we say to them Good morning.

Oh dear Racism is a familiar poem of love that’s always called upon when its need arises but the continuous beckoning of racism proves a fact of distance deeper yawning of innermost pain. Though hijacked by altruism pretenders but the consequences if neglect will stampede everyone to economic fullstop.

(1) We advocate for everyone to look inward and repent in various ways we have contributed to this racism. Every attention is focused to the western world when we are incredibly incubators of racism. May God help us as we try to remove the planks in our eyes in order to have enhanced sight to remove the sawdust in the eyes of others. Having read some write ups on racism and Racists we conclude that either we are hypocrites and we are blind to our own fault.

(2) We need to retool now before it’s too late. According to WHO 72 million children in Africa are forced into child labour and do you know what half of this number are children of Christian homes. We can prove this to the latter. Small exercise will convinced you. Next Sunday provide a statistic form and ask your members to write down what they do for a living without writing down their names and you will be absolutely surprise what you will read. Most of your financial helpers and contributors don’t earn more than #25,000 monthly. This is the time to retool in order to remain responsibly relevant or you will be taken unawares.

(3) Knowledge based empowerment is what is mostly desires now than ever. Skilful Christian practitioners who have the combination of Elijah and John the Baptist creative anointing. This generation of people will not act normal because if they do they will obtain the normal results but they should carry the multifaceted approach to issues under the watchful eyes of the Almighty. Covid-19 pandemic, Racism and Rapists are not gentle virus and their destructions are not gentle in any bit so confronting post Covid-19 pandemic and aftermath of racism protests do not require gentle approach. When the four horns showed up in the bible which represent recent horns of 5G, Covid-19, Racism and Rapists God introduced four Carpenters to dislodge their altercation and give them final sentences of judgement.

(4) Don’t be in hurry to part with your available fund because you may not be sure of getting same when you need it. The period is a time of becoming responsible. Remember don’t borrow money to anyone you are not ready to ignore if you are not paid back. Salaries are being slashed by almost 75 per cent daily and Jobs are going by day. Remember that you can be sacked without stating reason but Covid-19 is a genuine reason to lay off workers especially private organisations.

(5) Also remember the danger of working for an organisation or company without pension benefits. That means you need to save your money, invest your saved money in near sure investment portfolio for raining season which may include retirement, slashing of your job, sack, downsizing, upsizing and sidesizing. If you are working in such place remember we don’t grow in strength rather in age hence what you need do is to learn to pay yourself salary of 15% from your monthly salary monthly and make sure you invest it wisely and tag it NO GO AREA.

Permit me to stop here for this week and till we meet again next week.

For now it’s prayers.

Let us pray

Our great and MIGHTY God we appreciate and thank you for your continuous support and providence throughout last week and for bringing us into this new week.

Many people have expected to hear of our pain, groaning and crying out but you have chosen to disappoint them completely, we are indeed and incredibly appreciative

We present ourselves and those we represent before you for your continuous and consistent protection and provisions

We will continue to trust you for our needs and coverings

We ask you Oh Lord to forgive our collective sins committed intentionally and unintentionally, forgive us our sins of negligence and omission, forgive us our sins of commission and please do not listen to the devil irrespective of his evidences against us just look to the blood of your only and one Son Jesus CHRIST who died for us

Heavenly Father we commit ourselves afresh and pray against every form of attack, conspiracy and gangs up against us in the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN.

Learn to stay away and safe. Joy cometh.



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