The attention of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) has been drawn to some publications in the social and other media by the Orthodox Anglican Church International and the following:
1. Rt Rev’d Christopher Umane – Archbishop
2. Rt Rev’d Adewumi – Bishop of Ogun Diocese
3. Rt Rev’d Solomon Omorege – Bishop of Edo Central Diocese
4. Rt Rev’d Baaba – Bishop of Abia
5. Rt Rev’d Idowu Ojo – Bishop of Oyo
6. Rt Rev’d Awe – Bishop Elect of Lagos Diocese
The so called Orthodox Anglican Church International is not part of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and the so called Bishops and Archbishop are not Bishops and Archbishop of the Church of Nigeria.

The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) is registered under Companies and Allied Matters Act and The Trade Marks Act.

As necessary legal action is being taken on this infringement/passing off, The Church of Nigeria appeals to our Archbishops, Bishops, and Dioceses to have nothing to do with the so called Orthodox Anglican Church International especially our Archbishops, Bishops, Clergy and Laity of the Ecclesiastical Provinces of Lagos, Bendel, Ibadan, Aba, Niger Delta and Ondo.


Dated this 2nd Day of April 2020.

Download Press Release Here

Ven. Paul G. Dajur, PhD
General Secretary Church of Nigeria

Abraham N. Yisa (MON), Registrar Church of Nigeria.

The Most Rev’d Henry C. Ndukuba MA, BD, MA(Ed)
Archbishop, Metropolitan & Primate,
Church of Nigeria.



  1. CON is not the real owner of the name ‘Anglican’ The Canterbury church is the owner of the name. They have never taken anybody to court for bearing Anglican including CON that left Canterbury Church.
    We have over 50 strands of Anglican in the world. No quarrel anywhere but only in Nigeria where evangelism isn’t priority but struggle over name. Very shameful to hear and see this happening.
    Methodist has strands in Nigeria no problem, African Church has strands no probs, Catholic no probs, Apostolic no probs.
    It’s even sad to read where a leader and this church will address a church and it’s leadership as “so called” too bad very derogatory. Is this the gospel of Christ?
    How much have u defended the name of Christ?
    Half word is enough for the wise, stop chasing shadows.

  2. The Church of Nigeria ( Anglican Communion) is a truly wonderful branch of the Christian religion. With over 21 million baptized lay members/parishioners, thousands of godly priests and deacons ministering the word of God in their parishes and dozens of holy bishops and archbishops courageously leading their dioceses and provinces, the Church of Nigeria has much to be proud of and much to be thankful to God for. Also, the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), as its name suggests, is a member of the global Anglican Communion which has spread to over 165 different countries! This is one of the largest and most widespread expressions of Christianity the world has ever seen.

    Having said all of that, wouldn’t it be better that instead of the Church of Nigerian ( Anglican Communion) and the Orthodox Anglican Church International arguing with one another over the venerable and prestigious name “Anglican” that they work together?

    Maybe the Orthodox Anglican Church International could become a “personal prelature” of the Primate of All Nigeria? That way the Orthodox Anglican Church International bishops, clergy and laity would all become part of the Church of Nigeria ( Anglican Communion), but would retain their own autonomy and exist as a parallel ecclesiastical jurisdiction until, at some future date in God’s good time, they could be reconciled into the normal parochial, diocesan and provincial structures of the Church of Nigeria ( Anglican Communion)? Surely as brothers and sisters in Christ and as members of the “Anglican regiment within the army of God” they could fight against sin, the world and the devil and not each other. This advice is respectfully and humbly offered to Gd’s glory and the building up of the Anglican branch of his holy universal church.


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