Mrs. Ireoba preaching during the Mothering Sunday Service

By Princewill Ireoba

Wife of the Rector, Ibru Centre Agbarha-otor, Mrs. Ogechukwu Chinyelu Ireoba, has urged Christian mothers to review their lifestyle and ensure it conforms with that of ideal Christian mothers.

Preaching last Sunday at St. Peter’s Chapel Ibru Centre, Agbarha-otor during the Mothering Sunday service, Mrs. Ireoba, who is also leader of the Church’s women, described Mothering Sunday as a day for families’ special relaxation and refreshments, when “mothering” is demonstrated, motherhood appreciated and motherly roles highlighted.

She admonished worshippers to appreciate their mothers and wives, while urging the women to use the time of being celebrated to consider what they have been doing and gear up for greater exploits.


“It is a time to see what we have done, what we are doing and what we should start doing,” she said.

Quoting Proverbs 31, Ireoba counselled women to work hard to support their families without being arrogant. She condemned women who despise their husbands when they face financial challenges and those who make undue demands on their husbands, just to indulge in extravagance, saying such cause breakdowns in men’s health and the family stability.

She also urged women to deliberately seek to impact on both their children and the society. She encouraged them not to shy away from active socio-political activities and attaining the climax of their careers, while working hard to become vessels of honour for divine use.

“Add value to your lives and earn respect. In your own little ways, impact on lives and be cherished,” she said.


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