Good morning Covenant Friends and Great Partners. We bring you update on our reflections and meditations from last week till today. It’s of immense importance to thank some of you for your encouragement and good wishes, while saying that the purpose of this weekly reflections and meditations is not to create fear as some have thought of but to prepare you for the obvious.

We can’t continue to wish off danger starring at us because we wouldn’t want you to be afraid. Our tailored ultimate intentions is to guide you through approved Economic statistics and warrant for Biblical Economics of Policy Formation to guide and guard you through this phase of our collective battle.

It’s very important you understand the GLOBAL ECONOMIC PENDULUM ORCHESTRATED BY COVID-19 VIA NIGERIA STATE. When lsrael was in state of economic fluctuations due to their sin of disobedience and rebellion, God showed Himself MIGHTY in their midst not because of their righteousness but for God’s name sake, ” I WILL SHOW THE HOLINESS OF MY GREAT NAME, WHICH HAS BEEN PROFANED AMONG THE NATIONS, THE NAME YOU HAVE PROFANED AMONG THEM. THEN THE NATIONS WILL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD, DECLARES THE SOVEREIGN LORD, WHEN I SHOW MYSELF HOLY THROUGH YOU BEFORE THEIR EYES.”

Before the era of Covid-19 the entire world especially Nigeria has made some kind and level of mockery of the church due to our inordinate and insatiable quest for materialism and its co- travelers. But God has promised to make a name for Himself by A show of His Holiness of His Great Name along with His Jealous wrath.


Going through our daily routine information which is available you will obviously observe that Nigeria and Angola have cut oil export; 1.6 billion jobs are at risk over Covid-19; Covid-19 has triggered off 62% fall in real sector investments in Q1; Federal government has proposed and indeed orders issued to implement cutting costs by reducing agencies; Nigeria government has planned a five years repayment of IMF $3.4bn; Covid-19 has continued to worsen oil, aviation sectors #4.4Trillon debt; FG have further received $311.7million aka Abacha’s loot from the u.s.; according to NBS over 82.9 million Nigerians living in poverty by national standards, that is about 40% of the total population are classified as poor meaning that an average of 4 out of 10 individuals in Nigeria has real per capita expenditure below #137.430.00 per year, #11,500.00 monthly and #38.00 per day; it’s also speculated that oil firms may shut down production ; abolishing of fuel subsidy; expected estimation drop in nation’s GDP by 35%; Many airlines may not survive Covid-19; it’s obvious as at now that FG is set to review 2020 budget by $20per barrel and FG has set up steps to fight Covid-19 by building isolation centres, testing centres in 36 STATES of the Federation.

From the above one would not but come from the Sacrament of the imagination; to quicken the already punched pulse and set the soul aflame in midst of fixity of the state in which both good and evil HARVEST themselves.

Again why are you writing this at a time like this?
Obvious questions are the steps of imagined research and development:
(1) post Covid-19 needs a concerted response collectively , corporately, conscientiously, consciously coordinated cooperation. Individualism should be allowed to perish at the altar of loneliness.
(2) Gradual reopening of the economy will span beyond August 2020.
(3) As a result of the above refineries will continue to record and report losses, the sector has already recorded #9.6bn in January without serious Covid-19 attack. We want you to imagine what would have happened by now. Your guess will be as accurate as the surety of the sun’s appearing.
(4)Vat, Excise rates maybe on the increase
(5)Due to Job cut there will be expected massive reliance on the few available resources.
(6) Tough times ahead of us all and the country, as there will be massive unemployment as a result of slashing down staff strength, downsizing and rightsizing. Added to that is the massive number of diaspora who have indicated interest in coming back to Nigeria. Is being put at over 4000. You will agree with us that anyone who volunteered to come back to Nigeria now may not be engaged strongly wherever he or she is.
(7) Between now and 2024 debt servicing not debts payment will gulp up to 75% of government revenue and we are very sure you understand the implications of that on our wellbeing collectively.
(8) The sustained depletion of foreign reserves amid supply- demand imbalances in the global oil market coupled with international political economy will only exacerbate the country’s vulnerability against external shocks.
(9) Aviation sector loses over #21bn to Covid-19 monthly.
(10)Amidst buyers’ apathy Nigeria discounts oil price to $10.
(11)Nigeria is to face battle within in order to keep reform promised made to IMF.

Having seen these obvious indices what are we ought to do? Multi-million question.
(1) Many welfare cases will arise both in the church and state. Fake church members will be on the increase at least for daily bread. The church should not be carried away because of the influx because they are not members yet. The church should disciple them via FOUNDATION classes that will incorporate entrepreneur skills,leadership oriented skills and governance. During this period the church should minimize giving money for only food and house rents but also add empowering them through skills acquisition, trading skills and business opportunities. This is the only way the church will reduce over dependence on the very few in the church.
(2) Insecurity will be on the high side, hunger induced thieves will increase. The unemployed will weigh down on the working few. Kidnapping will increase, the police will be overwhelmed and crime rates will continue to soar and governance will be tough. The government and the church should make a frantic effort to retrain and reorient these people through a thorough understanding of the bible. Every economy and profession took its bearing from the bible. The Bible is the open secret solution to every challenge both mental, spiritual, physical ,material, weaponization, leadership, moulding etc of every society. God is naturally willing to do His part.
(3) The increase in vat and excise rates will put heavy pressure on the end consumer, hence we should avoid buying everything from the market.
(4) We should be able to move the education of our children from memorizing education to creative minds, idea generation, skill developers, excuse destroyers and confrontational approach. From modern traditionalists who believe it must deliberately be the way it used to be, killers of ideas, dream indulgist, musclebound changers to spiritual discerning, progressive and inquiry minded people.
(5) There should be a deliberate action to reduce the gap between the separation we have created between sacred and secular hence our christianity should not only be relevant within the church building but it should be seen as also seen in our work place, business environment, school and in the area of governance.
(6) We encourage you to learn one handiwork or skill if you are below the age 55 because the economy is moving from certificate based to certificate-skill based. Our children should be encouraged to learn few skills while holidaying.
(7)Young ladies should learn how to prepare local dishes, some other recipes and sewing if possible so that you will not have to pay for everything you want.
(8) The church should deliberately develop her members for what is ahead. It may not be business as usual. What is ahead is actually huge, this space may not be the real opportunity to tackle it.
(9) Learn to pay yourself salary from your salary monthly or weekly as the case maybe.
(10) Plan for your retirement on time. You must set something aside each month because you cannot solve all your problems in one day, even throughout your lifetime you cannot hence stop giving excuses that are not existing. Etc.
Our next week write up will be reflecting on salary, what constitutes income and savings and possibly investment.

Our great and passionate God, we appreciate you and your kind grace you have continually allowed us to enjoy. We pray that you will continue to guide us with the wrath of your jealousy, you will continue to show us your will and way, you will continue to sound your warning to our ears in the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN. None of these ones will work with the counsel of the wicked ,none of them will stand on the very way of sinners and none of them will ever sit in the seat of mockers in the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN.

Rather they will be like trees planted by God’s Rivers of water, their fruits of labor will manifest at the proper season, their leaves and potentials shall not withered and whatever they put their hands upon shall prosper in the MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN. Remember to stay focused and safe. Joy cometh.



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