The Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, on Tuesday, warned Christian youths against the abuse of Information, Communications Technology (ICT) and social media.

The communion gave the warning at the ongoing Divine Common Wealth Conference (DIVCCON) holding at the National Christian Centre, on Tuesday in Abuja.

Ven. Isuwa Saidu, who spoke at the seminar with the topic: “The Anglican Youth and the future of the Anglican Church’’, said that some youths are abusing the ICT by engaging in pornography and using social media in a dubious manner.

He, however, noted that the youths were prone to reckless practices such as armed robbery, kidnapping and other bad practices.


He, therefore, called on the Church to utilize these online platforms in other to correct these ills and engage the youths in better things.

The cleric noted that the challenge of the youths, in general, was the issue of modernization and unemployment, which had killed growth among them.

He described unemployment as another problem that had caused the youths to be rendered helpless and restless.

According to Saidu, Christianity faced less challenges before the 21st century, but modernization in the 21st century is wreaking havoc, not just to the youths but to all and sundry.

On her path, Mrs Margaret Oluyamo wife of the Bishop of Ijesha North Anglican Diocese admonished parents not to be guilty by failing to playing their role in raising Godly children.

Presenting a paper on the topic: “21st Century Parenting and Child Protection Policies,” she said the sole responsibility of parents was to provide protection for their children and give them quality education.

She concluded with a charge to parents to introduce their children to modest lifestyle at an early stage in life with the fear of God.

Mr Abraham Yisa, Registrar, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, also spoke on the roles of the laity in contemporary Anglican Church.

Yisa said that the role would not be overemphasized, adding that laity was first and foremost evangelists, who must stand by the principles of Jesus Christ and that of the Bible.

He advised lay people to be focused on what they can do to make the Church functional because they also hold prominent positions in the Church.

“The enormity of their roles is not limited to evangelism alone but also funding of qualitative education is considered as the bedrock of life and they should not take the backseat.

“It behoves the laity to promote the doctrines of the Anglican Communion by speaking against other doctrines that are contrary to what is found in the scriptures.

“Doctrines such as homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality and the likes.

“The laity should look into their lives and discover the potentials they have and make it their ministry,’’ he said


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