The vice-chancellor of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Oyo State, Professor Dapo Asaju, has identified the disconnection between religion and education as the reason for the radical decline in educational standard, failed leadership and government in the country.

Asaju stated this during the 10th convocation lecture of Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU), Ikeji-Arakeji, Ogun State, with the title ‘Restoring the Heritage of Holistic Christian Education in Nigerian University System.’

He noted that God had virtually been chased out of the nation’s educational system.

According to him, education with godly contents as its primary driving force will produce better human beings as well as educated leaders who are ready to change society for the better.


He said any student who passes academic examination but fails to meet the minimum pass in character rating should not be allowed to graduate.

“Therefore, if the maxim that education is a combination of learning and character is true, then, religion is indispensable in the provision of good university education.

“And the lack of it can be responsible for the social vices and the instability witnessed in the current generation,” Professor Asaju said.

He advocated that theology should be incorporated as a compulsory subject under the General Studies courses offered at the Christian-faith universities.

While he reiterated that theology should be accorded its rightful place in Christian-faith institutions, he stated that theologians should be utilised as experts who cross and join the boundaries of the sacred and the secular, know the actions of God as well as interpret the reactions of man.

“We must provide that missing link in public education and correct every wrong in the public system, by providing viable and good alternative,” he added.

Asaju challenged Christian-faith universities to raise good leaders who will deliver the country tomorrow from its present shackles of bondage, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, corruption, indiscipline, failed leadership and so forth.

He charged the graduating  students not to always think of what the country can do for them but rather think the other way round.


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