The Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria, Anglican Communion, the Most Rev’d Henry C. Ndukuba has urged christians to celebrate Easter with hope, knowing that evil would never prevail, because the last word belongs to God.

The Primate of All Nigeria made this known as he delivered his Easter message to the Church and nation via a live broadcast on the Church TV (Advent Cable Network Nigeria).

The Primate urged believers to hold on to God and not be moved by the pestilence happening all around. He said if the power of death could not hold Jesus, nor the conspiracy of the Jews or the guards at the tomb, nothing could stop the plan of God from coming to pass in their lives.

Primate Ndukuba admonished leaders to work together in fairness, love and unity, explaining that these times demand that people work together, even as they look unto Jesus, so that they might be able to overcome the crises plaguing the entire world.


He said, “We need to encourage and support one another and hold onto Jesus Christ, knowing that we shall be raised with Him.”

The head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria charged Christians and the entire nation to commit themselves to those things that God had created them for and live purposeful lives, just as Jesus did, by His death, burial and resurrection.

The cleric opined that in the cause of duty to God and humanity, there is always a price to pay. He debunked the belief that the Christian journey is without suffering, stating that one must be prepared for suffering, sacrifice and even death.

Primate Ndukuba observed that in times like this, when the world is battling the coronavirus pandemic, the world is expecting God’s intervention and waiting on Him for solution and healing. Therefore, he encouraged believers to trust God and hold on to the truth of God’s word, wherein He promised never to forsake His people.

According to the Primate, “Jesus is risen from the dead, He is alive forevermore and He rules over all.”

He emphasized that Jesus Christ defeated death and the power of sin; and therefore nothing could hold believers back from what God had purposed to do in their lives. He said the fear of COVID-19 is an instrument of the devil to hold Christians down; but that believers must rejoice because Jesus has overcome the world and all its difficulties.

The Most Rev’d Henry Ndukuba concluded with a charge to Christians to seek a fresh encounter with the risen Lord, whom he said is set to reveal Himself anew, especially in light of the new challenges the Church is faced with, whereby Christians were not even allowed to gather for service on Easter day.

Primate Ndukuba said, “We have perfect victory, because Jesus has risen from the dead.”


  1. Congratulations on your new Primate we continue to follow your tv Station on a weekly basis and find your messages and services quite inspiring we are from the Diocese of Barbados in the Caribbean we have been forwarding links to your website and tv station to our Anglican colleagues ,for further contact you can email at…,John Clarke
    PS.We : can also give you info onbour Diocese if needed


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