President Muhammadu Buhari says the country’s new ambassadors are expected to fight hard for Nigeria abroad.

The president said this on Tuesday while virtually declaring open an induction programme for ambassadors-designate.

He said the ambassadors were to project the country as a great and indivisible nation.

“You have all been nominated and appoint after a rigorous selection process, with due consideration to your personal and professional qualities. The primary responsibilities of Nigeria in the countries you are posted rests on you. I urge you to go out and serve with uttermost dedication and pride,” he said.


“You must not forget that you have been posted to respective bilateral and multilateral missions, to represent and project Nigeria as a great and indivisible nation and a very attractive investment destination.

“As Ambassadors of our country, your comportment, courage, conduct and ability to multi task must be exemplary. Humility and firmness are attributes that can earn you and your country respect and recognition. These attributes must remain with every one of you in fulfilment of your duties.”

Buhari highlighted his administration’s nine priority goals and urged the ambassadors to be guided by them in their dealings.

“I therefore urge all of you to be guided by these identified priority goals as well as your various station chatters which highlight specific mandates and guidelines on government’s expectations. We expect you to fight hard for Nigeria and Nigerians abroad,” Buhari said.

“You must strive to promote trade, human capacity development foreign direct investments and other areas of cooperation with countries at national and multilateral levels, to support our national growth and development.”

Buhari also urged them to attend to all citizens who come to the mission with utmost respect.

Last month, Buhari had approved and directed the ministry of foreign affairs to post 95 new ambassadors to serve in the country’s missions abroad.


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