The Rt.Revd Dr. Abraham O. Akinlalu, the retired Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Oke Osun, has called on Christians to steer clear of idolatry and wickedness – evils which God hates and will punish.
He was delivering the Sermon at the Opening Holy Communion Service at the Second Session of the Third Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Ile-Oluji which began at the Cathedral of St.Peter, Ile-Oluji this evening.
Echoing the Biblical prophet Amos, Bishop Akinlalu said it is imperative for children of God to SEEK GOD AND LIVE (Amos 5:4&5, the Synod Theme).
He emphasized that in addition to seeking God earnestly, we must be ready to serve Him faithfully just as Amos and other prophets of old did. If God could make use of Amos, a dresser of sycamore trees, He is willing to use people of various backgrounds, he added.
The preacher enjoined all to shun ethnicity, egoistic tendencies, and corruption and to work assiduously for enhanced spirituality.
Synod continues tomorrow with Bible Study led by The Venerable Stephen Sanni of the Diocese of Akure.


The Bishop’s Charge will also be delivered by the President of Synod, the Rt. Revd Abel Oluyemi Ajibodu, Bishop of the Diocese of Ile-Oluji. Launching of funds for diocesan projects follows.
On Saturday Otunba the Venerable Olufemi Oyawale, rtd., will deliver the Synod Lecture entitled ENHANCING ANGLICAN CHURCH MEMBERSHIP after which the Synod plenary holds.
Synod ends on Sunday with the Thanksgiving Service holding at the same venue, the Cathedral of St.Peter, Gesinde Road, Ile-Oluji.
All events holding in strict compliance with the COVID-19 protocols.



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