The Diocesan and Missioner of  Lagos Diocese of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion Rt Revd Dr. Humphrey B. Olumakaiye have urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to be sincere with its decision to put an end to the operation of SARS as well as the reform of the Police Force.

Bishop Olumakaiye said this in a press statement, titled “Towards the Nation of our dream” in reaction to the EndSars protest rocking the country, the Diocesan expressed delight in the fact that the Government gave prominence to the voice of the people just as it appreciated the youth for rising to make case for the betterment of the country.

“With the recent uproar in our nation and in fact across the globe on Social Media and on our roads about the #ENDSARS agitation, the Church of God is not putting her head in the sand expecting issues to redress itself. This is a genuine agitation and it is borne out of deep concern for the future of this nation.

“It delights us to see that the Government in time like this has given prominence to the voice of the citizen, thus making the Police authorities put an end to the unit. We now ask that this decision should not be a statement written on paper and made by mouth alone.


“Sincerity of purpose should guide them to follow through on their proposals to consult stakeholders and enact the much needed reforms of the entire Police Force”.

While appreciating the youth for exhibiting interest towards the betterment of the country, the Diocesan appealed to them not to allow themselves to be used as weapons by the enemies of the progress of the country.

” You have really shown that together we can make the difference we desire and bring the Nigeria of our dreams to reality. However, we strongly appeal to our youths not to allow themselves to be weaponised by enemies of progress of this country, those who do not encourage and reinforce positive values that can bring about a Nigeria we can all be proud of”.

“We can boldly say we are tilting towards a Nigeria, where a child of nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody. A society built on merit and ingenuity. A society where moral value counts. A society where one tribe will not be at the mercy of another. A society where politics will not be money-driven”.

“I charged all youths to avoid mob mentality, seek redress without subscribing to violence and we shall all live to see the Nigeria of our dream in Jesus name”, concluded the statement.



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