Young people have been challenged to develop the potentials for wealth creation instead of depending on parents and relations for everything they need.

This called was made by the Administrator of the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi, Ven. Chukwuebuka Chukwuemeka while addressing the youths at the July edition of Leadership Clinic. According to Ven. Chukwuebuka, young people who are over dependent on parents, relations and friends for their financial upkeep always end up as unnecessary burdens and liability both to themselves and others.

While challenging the youths to find ways of making legitimate income, Ven. Chukwuebuka noted that it is irresponsible for someone to spend money without thinking of how to earn money.

“The journey to financial responsibility begins with making money. If you are not making money but you want to always spend money, then you are irresponsible.”


While encouraging youths to be aim at excelling in whatever they find themselves, Ven. Chukwuebuka noted that there is greater satisfaction in developing the ability to earn income and solve one’s personal problems instead of always depending on others.

“There is great joy, pride, fulfilment and satisfaction with your ability to solve your own financial problems and those of people around you. It is far more satisfying to do so than to wait for handout from others.”

Ven. Chukwuebuka advised youths to learn skills that are capable of generating income for them, make positive use of technologies at their disposal, embrace ICT and develop instinct for business opportunities around them. He however cautioned that money making should not become a priority at the expense of their souls. He warned against unbridled materialism that drive youths into crime. A number of youths gave their lives to Christ in response to the message.

The July edition of the Leadership Clinic featured business seminar. The Chief Executive Officer of Everfresh Creation Ltd, Engnr. Ibezim Ojukwu shared the touching story of the Evolution of Everfresh with the youths encouraging them not to be limited by their present circumstaces. He assured that with commitment to vision, youths can achieve great things in their lives.

Miss. Raluchukwu Ndoeche also made a presentation on opportunities for youths to make money in the telecommunication sector using the recharge and get paid platform.


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