A driver plowed his truck into a bicycle path in lower Manhattan, New York on Tuesday afternoon, killing at least six and injuring nine others.

The driver drove a Home Depot truck the wrong way on the bicycle path on West Street along the West Side Highway and struck multiple people.

According to the New York Police Department, the driver then stepped out of his vehicle holding imitation firearms and screaming. The suspect was subsequently shot by NYPD officers and taken into custody.

A police official said the incident was being investigated as a possible terrorist attack, the Associated Press reports.

A driver killed at least six people on a bicycle path in New York

Residents in the area were told to be on high alert, and nearby Stuyvesant High School was placed on lockdown.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has been briefed on the matter and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly traveling to the scene.

At the time of publication, details of the incident were still emerging.


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