The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Amichi, His Lordship, The Rt. Rev’d. Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor has declared that the Holy Spirit is inevitable in the life of every Christian.

Bishop Ikeakor made this declaration while preaching an online sermon to celebrate this year’s Pentecost.

According to Bishop Ikeakor, “It is because of the inevitability of the Holy Spirit that made Jesus to command His disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit. He said they must not embark on the task assigned to them without being filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Father’s promise to His children. If you have not received Him, you need to look at yourself again.”

The Bishop stressed that trying to do the Christian work without the Holy Spirit willful suicide. Emphasizing on the necessity of the Holy Spirit, Bishop Ikeakor said that the Holy Spirit is the believers’ authority to be called the children of God. He said that the mark of identity for every child of God is being led by the Holy Spirit.


“If you are a child of God, for anything you want to do, you need to be led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the evidence and testimony that you are a child of God. It is the testimony and witness of the Holy Spirit that authenticates your claim of being a child of God. Many Christians today are stranded and frustrated because they led themselves to where they are.”

Bishop Ikeakor emphasized that The Holy Spirit empowers the believer to live the spiritual life, forgive his enemies and offender and bestows spiritual gifts on the believer.







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