As part of activities to mark the 2020 edition of Amichi Diocesan A.Y.F Bible Study Conference, the Bishop, The Rt.Rev’d. Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor has lamented the inexplicable apathy demonstrated by young people towards the church and the things of God.

Bishop Ikeakor barred his mind while addressing the youths during their conference held at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi. He said that one of the most difficult challenges facing the church today is that young people are no longer interested in the church. They are more interested in idolatry and other social activities that add no value to their lives.

“Apart from Abraham, most of the other biblical characters are young people. In the same way, young people of this generation should make their youthfulness relevant to the church. For the single ladies among you, there are things you can do for God now that marriage may not permit you to do when you eventually marry.”

Bishop Ikeakor charged the youths to show steadfastness in their faith and allow themselves to be carried about by every wind and doctrine. He lamented the rate at which Anglican youths lose their identity once they gain admission into the higher institutions stressing that with the state of revival and spirituality in the Anglican Church today, nobody can justify such exodus of young people.


“Any youth leaving the Anglican Church now is foolish. In our youthful years, we were tortured and persecuted by the church. If we ran away then, who will be teaching you today? Be useful to God in your local church; read lessons conduct services, lead the bible study and render service wherever it is required.”

He reminded the youths that the end of all things is at hand and as a result nobody should gamble with his relationship with God.

During the interactive session that followed, the youths took time to ask questions that bothered them and the Bishop promptly supplied answers and prayed for them.


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