Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo says building a multi-ethnic nation like Nigeria may appear messy and costly.

He also reiterated his call for the establishment of state police to address security challenges.

A statement from Laolu Akande, Osinbajo’s spokesperson, quoted him as saying the process is also exerting as it challenges the values and tolerance of the citizens from diverse backgrounds.

He was speaking at a conference on national development organised by the Global Patriot newspaper in collaboration with the Nigerian Consulate in New York and the Nigeria in Diaspora Organisation, (NIDO), New Jersey chapter, on Saturday.


The vice-president added that nation-building is “a challenge thrown to everyone, to build, not to destroy” and “to add to, not to take away”.

“The task of nation building is exerting and may even appear messy as the process continues, especially in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation like Nigeria,” he reportedly said.

“It challenges all values, patience and tolerance of citizens; it may even be costly.”

Osinbajo said states should have their own police to address their security challenges.

“We must accept that there is a need for greater decentralisation of the police force. I have been a frequent advocate of state policing and I believe this certainly must be the way we must go,” he was quoted as saying

“The National Assembly is in a position to consider some of the proposals that have gone to them for the purposes of devolving more powers to the states for security purposes and for addressing the security challenges.”


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