The senator who represented Kaduna Central at the 8th Senate, Shehu Sani, on Wednesday, described Nigeria as a “debtor and a beggar nation.”

The former senator stated this in a post on his verified Twitter account, @ShehuSani, where he added, that the moment the lockdown over Coronavirus got lifted in the country, that Nigerians would look like a people that rose from the dead.

Sani was apparently reacting to the National Assembly’s approval of President Muhammadu Buhari’s N850 billion loan to fund the 2020 budget, on Tuesday.

According to Sani, the proclamation by General Sani Abacha, after the army overthrew the then civilian government of Shehu Shari in 1983, that Nigeria was a debtor and a beggar nation had just become a reality.


He said, “In the Coup speech that overthrew President Shagari’s Government in December 1983, we heard Gen Sani Abacha proclaimed that ‘we have become a debtor and a beggar nation’. Comparatively, he was wrong, It’s now that we have just arrived at that status.

“Once the Lockdown is lifted, we will be looking at each other as if we have risen from the dead.”

Many Nigerians have continued to express worries over the rising debt profile of the country under President Buhari’s administration.


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