The Chairman of Yobe State COVID-19 committee, who is also the Deputy Governor, Alhaji Idi Barde Gubana has warned the Director of Personnel Management of the local government that anyone who is not wearing a face mask should be removed from office.

Gubana gave the warning during the inauguration of the Chairmen of local government Environmental and Sanitation Committee at the Wawa Hall, Government House, Damaturu.

He said some local government Dpms are not complying with the Federal Government directives on the war against COVID-19, adding that this nonchalant attitude should not be tolerated by his committee.

“It has been observed that the Directors of Personnel Management of the local government areas are not enlightening their people on the rules and regulations of the federal government on the fight against coronavirus in their respective local government areas.,’ he said.


He said, the local government Dpms are not wearing face masks, ”so how do you expect the people to wear the face mask since the Dpm’s are not wearing it?”

Alhaji Idi Barde Gubana, therefore, warned the DPMs that, anyone found violating the federal government’s directives on war against the COVID-19 should be removed from the office immediately.


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