God’s expectation for this convocation is that we all receive a fresh commission with a renewed mandate to carry on the work of the Kingdom. The text is a confirmation that God is about to do a new thing in our church and nation, even though it seems as though there’s nothing good about the nation, considering the political situation, hopelessness in security with gross impunity and decadence, both in the nation and the church. But as we declare God’s reign, we also bring to an end the era of indiscipline, impunity and decadence in our church and the nation.

The reign of God demands of us, as watchmen, to wake up and put on strength for the move of God. The purpose of this convocation is, therefore, to raise a battle, cry over our church and the nation for God to move in our generation once again.

It’s the Lord, Who has the absolute sovereignty and so, the watchmen are necessary because they are leaders in the house of God. They are in the very heart of God’s reign, they are partners with God and they understand and speak the mind of God. Therefore, the watchmen are not just partners with God, but also partners with God’s people.

There are factors we must consider in making a watchman from Luke 12:35-40
• Enlisted by Christ: We have been enlisted as soldiers of Christ and so, we have a new identity and so must always obey His command. To be a watchman, you must first be an enlisted soldier.
• Waiting on God. God wants us to be servants who wait upon Him, whether he comes in the second or third watch.


The watchman waits eagerly for the return of the master.
I want to round off this charge by asking the question: “Who are you? From john 10:10, are you a watchman? Are you a shepherd? Are you a servant? Or are you a hireling? God is waiting to raise men who will build the broken wall through the gospel against the works of darkness and ungodliness; men who will pull down the strongholds of the enemy.

I, therefore, pray that we shall go forth in His strength and through His power and by His blood we shall uproot, plan and supplant and there shall be a breaking forth.

There’s a reward for every Faithful watchman. With these words, I welcome you to the 2021 Church of Nigeria, National Prayer Convocation, hosted in the Province of Abuja. God will show Himself mighty on our behalf individually and corporately in the name of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
(A summary of Primate Ndukuba’s address to the 2021 Church of Nigeria National Prayer Convocation held from March 22 to 26, 2021 at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Gwagwalada, Abuja by Rev. Isaacs Obasi)


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