A clergy in the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion Venerable Izuchukwu Obiekwe has noted with displeasure the unwholesome attack on the Church of today. He made this known in a mail sent to ACNN TV today.

The Church Of Today Is Under Unwholesome Attack both from within & without… and I feel bothered & worried especially when the attack is fueled & fomented from within the Church itself.

Ven Izuchukwu Obiekwe of St Stephen’s Parish, Oba, Diocese on the Niger

He noted that “It beats my imagination when those who have confessed, professed & vowed to be the defenders of the Faith/Church, Lay & Ordained, are among her worst attackers & critics, telling you that there’s virtually nothing good to write home about the Church, and yet, they’re still in & benefiting from the Church.”

Instead of lambasting & lampooning the Church openly, ridiculing the Faith, why not like Joseph who didn’t want to disgrace Virgin Mary or Nicodemus, who went to meet with Jesus Christ privately in the night, act or consider the next available option, & stop ravaging the faith of the simple hearted who are still faithfully following, serving & worshiping the Lord in the Church.


The Venerable Obikwe added that with the intense blackmailing & crises rocking the Church, what & how would we individually begin to find solutions & fashion out modalities for remedying our humanly caused havocs on Christ’s body, the Church?

Let’s think reconciliation now & work towards redeeming the battered image, integrity & reputation of the Church.

As for me, the Church is my final bus stop. I’m indebted to seeking her good & not ready to go anywhere else or give up on the church. Our individual stands matter.

Ven Izuchukwu Obiekwe is the Vicar of St Stephen’s Parish, Oba, Diocese on the Niger, Anglican Communion.


  1. The church is the only solution and our last bus stop, if we the so called Christians will practice what we claim to be. The Lord will help us.


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