The Anglican International Academy, situated in a vast land, Plot 3, Cadastral Zone C00, Institution and Research District, at Zhidu, around the Lugbe area, off the Airport Road Abuja, which started in September, 2019 under the leadership of two Vice Principals for Administration and Academics, Mrs. Nkiruka Nwofor and Mr. Oluwakayode Bamigboye, resumed this January with a seasoned administrator and Education Secretary of the Diocese of Abuja, the Venerable Syrenius Dangana Okoriko, assuming office as the School’s Administrator, following an appointment by the Primate of the Church of Nigeria and the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Abuja, the Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh.

The co-educational mission school, with a chaplain, Revd Jerry Marcus, started the year’s activities with a special service in the new Administrator, the Ven. Syrenius Okoriko encouraged both the students and staff to be humble and submissive. He took his homily text from 1 Peter 5:5-6 and informed both the students and staff that humility is key to receiving God’s blessings. He urged the students not to be proud so that they can achieve the purpose for which their parents or guardians brought them to the school. He then concluded by informing all present in the service that they all need to  submit themselves to God in order to fulfill the purpose of the vision for the School.

The school, which was initially registered as the Anglican Boys Grammar School (to complement the Anglican Girls Grammar School in Gudu), was later modified to be a co-educational outfit for both boys and girls and named, “the Anglican International Academy” on the 22nd of April, 2015 so that the huge amount of money invested in the institution will benefit wider people. The academy, which is well equipped with most modern gadgets in the Science and Arts laboratories and a considerate school fees, admits only JS 1 students due to a deliberate policy of nurturing the students from the scratch.


It is designed to provide quality faith based education to the boys and girls of the Anglican Diocese of Abuja and beyond and in accordance with the rites and doctrines of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and universal best educational practices. According to the Proprietor of the school, the Most Rev Nicholas D. Okoh, the school is geared to raising godly children, trained for Jesus and the society; and producing boys and girls who are full of integrity and honour and who understand the dignity of labour. It seeks to train a generation steeped in Excellence in all they do, a generation whose faith is on God and a generation whose Integrity is unquestionable.




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