Not How Long, But How Well… – Bisi Amagada (Mrs)


lt was a very busy morning for me yesterday ,so l ‘opened’ my morning activities with a big hug of my friend, whom l had invited for a chat, having cut off from her for a fairly long time.So,l didn’t follow my usual morning routine of catching up with news on radio /television after morning devotion with the family. My friend came visiting with another friend and you can imagine how happy we were,lf you are familiar with entertaining female friends you haven’t seen for a long time. lt was late in the afternoon they finally left for their respective homes and l was still filled with joy about their visit. As l went back to the sitting room when their car drove off,l suddenly remembered that l had not read any Newspaper, listened to any Radio or Television for News or watched a Programme because of my visitors. So l grabbed my phone and quickly went to column to catch the fastest news item available .

Then l saw a horror of a headline that read…Bishop FOLUSO TAIWO PASSES ON TO GLORY. I removed my glasses ,cleaned my eyes ,so l could be sure that l was reading a printed Bold headline of a true story that was real! Let me spare you the details that followed the experience l went through when in response to my question, it was confirmed that Bishop Foluso Taiwo had indeed answered the divine call home by his creator, God !After his ordination as Bishop ,we had a long chat when he finally left Abuja for his Oke Oshun Anglican Diocese and he said that he would come to visit my family in Benin city where we relocated to from Abuja.

When he became a Bishop, we rejoiced with him and his family. To us it was a well-deserved post for a dedicated Broadcaster, Communication guru, Preacher Newscaster, Newsletter Editor. A very dedicated family man, patient listener with ready smile to keep his listener comfortable. He recognized his unique talent-his broadcaster’s voice!Ah, he used it to honor Christ, especially whenever he was reading news in Advent Cable Network Nigeria(ACNNTV) or preaching a sermon in church.

As the person in charge of the Anglican Communion Diocesan Communicators before he became a Bishop; his interaction with other Diocesan Communicators conferences was often loaded with sincere rubbing of minds on facts and figures, laced with humor and refreshing comments that put his guests at ease.


know this because of the experience l had when l presented a Paper at one of his conferences. What a great loss to the Anglican Communion, his family and people who worked closely with him! We all wished he had lived to a. Ripe old age of the Biblical 70 years , plus a few extra years if God so destined him for longer than when he left yesterday, but then, l reflected today on the bit l saw and knew of his activities during DIVCON, Carnival For Christ, as Presenter on ACNNTV, and other areas where Media members of the church worked with him at various levels for different projects in the church. He worked tirelessly for the Church, the ACNNTV, as a Venerable in his church at Wuye, he has left his footprints on the sands of time. Undoubtedly, Bishop Foluso Taiwo will “definitely be remembered for what he has done “as a popular song reminds people during Services of Song for the departed .Making Heaven is clearly not a matter of how long one lived before the final home call ,but how well. Bishop FOLUSO TAIWO,many will miss you and never forget your good deeds. Rest safely in the bossom of your Creator.


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