Following outbreak of Monkey Pox in the country, Inner Wheel District 911 Nigeria has embarked on hand washing sensitization campaign among market men and women in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

Inner Wheel executives were at the Alade Market, in Ikeja last week to demonstrate to the traders how to wash hands properly in order to avoid germs, to mark the Global Hand Washing Day.

October 15 of each year is Global Hand Washing Day, a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing with. Every year, Global Hand washing Day is celebrated with events, campaigns, and hand washing programmes around the world.

Chairman, Inner Wheel District 911, Lagos and Ogun, Mrs Gbemisola Rufai said the programme was carried out to mark the Global Hand Washing Day which began in 2008.


She said the importance of proper hand washing could not be over-emphaised as such act would prevent series of ailments, especially among children, while urging Lagosians to ensure that they wash their hands regularly.

“This programme is to mark the Global Hand Washing Day which commences in 2008 all over the world. It was after they found out that children are always getting sick in schools, that it was decided that a day should be set aside so that washing of the hands should be taught so that everybody should know how they can keep their hands clean.


“Anything you touch something and your hand goes into your mouth, there might be germs in the hand, most men are culprit, they go to toilet anywhere and when they do that they don’t wash their hands,” she explained.

Rufai said the global hand washing day was set aside to “teach ourselves to avoid germs. To avoid sickness, this day is set aside, that is why we came to Alade Market to ensure that their hands are clean.

“Lagosians should keep their hands clean, we don’t want monkey pox to come to Lagos, especially in the market. Many children get diarrhea yearly and we don’t want that,” she said.


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