Honestly, I don’t know where you are right now but just bear in mind that God is extremely good and have the best for you in all circumstance. For us we are writing from the depot of human convergence with naturally endowed resources , the home of assorted types of natural food base Umuokanne in Ohaji/Egbema kingdom. The naturally food basket of Imo state and by extension Nigeria. One thing we enjoy greatly here is the atmosphere of uncontaminated and unpolluted air. The atmosphere of peace coupled with careful neighourliness relationship makes the environment quite different from the noisy surroundings of the urban. Do you want to come here, oh you are welcome. The evening radiates with heaven’s glory.

For about two weeks now we have not come back to you. We want to sincerely apologise for the miss-in-gap. Our weekly Reflections and Meditations is actually gathering attention and threats ,then of course threats are oil of strength and courage. Conquered people don’t live their lives rather they live the life of their conquerors. Who has conquered you? As for me I was conquered by JESUS and I live His life. Some issues were raised last time but we were unable to address them since then.

Today’s reflections and meditations we will try to guide us through the lens of economic web we have found ourselves. Remember that God does what he wants, not what you think, so stop directing and dictating to him because he doesn’t need your permission to establish himself. We read a scripture few days ago from Acts 17: 26 and permit us to refer to it. ” FROM ONE MAN HE MADE EVERY NATION OF MEN, THAT THEY SHOULD INHABIT THE WHOLE EARTH; AND HE DETERMINED THE TIMES SET FOR THEM AND THE EXACT PLACES WHERE THEY SHOULD LIVE “.

God is the designer and things were not allowed to happen by chance. He planned it out before hand. He planned the existence time and exact time when nations should emerge and also decline. He planned the rising of the sun and its setting. He planned the evening radiation of new moon to its receding at dawn. He is God Almighty, hence he planned where each nation will occupy. He planned and planted his endowment in their soil for their cooperate existence. But because of greed, selfishness, corruption and wickedness collective providences has been dominated and controlled by the very tiny few. In any case God is in charge of his estate. Man may have a temporary hold on it doesn’t in anyway suggest that he has control over the world.


Covid-19 pandemic is not out of God’s knowledge and the solution is not equally out of his control. So today we will be considering THE ECONOMIC OF RETALIATION AND AVANGERS APPROACH. Covid-19 pandemic is sincerely an eye opener except the deaths. The camouflage of Covid-19 as secret weapon of control and intimidation is more dangerous than the death and panic actual Covid-19 pandemic brought our way. The pandemic is sure around and has been taking its turn on human beings as never before but its devastating weapon of economic adversity occasioned by the government secrecy is becoming unbearable.

Sure if you have been reading stories from various news outlets you will agree with us that it’s not getting better at all. The economic outlook is not fine following the NDDC and legislative arms of the government accusations and denials. It’s indeed a big show of shame of what is going on at apex leadership circle of our dear country. Well that will be for another when we might have got all the gist, but honestly is becoming interesting. The battle of corruption has not started, we are simply scratching it.

Any day this country gets involve in corruption fight heads of different categories of people will row including church leaders heads. Some of the outlets and droplets for the week: Gunmen storm plateau high court, whisk away four kidnappers, robbery suspects, woa ooo interesting in a country with over thirty police and army checkpoints in less than 10 kilometers collecting monies from the very poor taxi drivers and Gunmen overpowered the security guards and took their people away. What a country? Did you read this one, mother kidnapped daughter and demanded #2 million only as ransom, the advent of man made toll gates are everywhere. We think that government should reintroduce toll gates across the country because is cheaper when compared what commuters pay each. Government toll gates fees are about #100.00 per trip but these nongovernmental toll gates are more than 20 toll gates from port Harcourt to Owerri and each is minimum of #200.00 and for the big boys is #500.00 each toll gates, honestly we will allow you to do the mathematics; FG gives states ,FCT #3.7 billion Covid-19 boost, just wished the government will require retirement after expenditure; Budget 2021 FG targets #1.7 Trillion from VAT, the implication is consumption cost will definitely increase which results in high prices for goods and services; FG targets #18 Trillion in new revenue drive meaning every sector get ready for new unannounced taxes and increase in price of everything; because there is a court threat to Akpabio a one time choice governor of Nigeria, he blinks saying he didn’t accuse lawmakers of being NDDC contractors but the good news is that we have heard it publicly and any withdraw doesn’t make any difference; Reps probe missing #100 billion at Northeast development commission meanwhile can Nigerians be privilege to have other previous probes and investigations while we wait for the outcome of this one;FG plans #4.28 Trillion loan for #12.66 Trillion 2021 budget;Magu says recovered vehicles are auctioned to presidential villa and ministries; Ngige says that NSITF awarded #4.448 billion in one day. What a country?. Are you surprised? No please don’t be because mother hen is mentoring the baby hen and she is learning very fast; FG says that she has identified plans to generate #18 Trillion revenue; NARICT says Nigeria lost $1.4 billion to chemical importation in 2019; the economy recorded #42.7 billion forex inflow in first quarter; FG appropriate #162.55 billion sukuk funds for 2020 road projects; CBN benign economic outlook for Q2 deviates from consensus expectations. These facts are economic interplay of the effects of Covid-19 and they determine our corporate economic existence even though our dependence as believers is on God but God has given us the capacity to plan which we should not renege.

What then?
(1) COVID-19 pandemic is on the increase and speculations are that we may experience outbreaks beyond our facilitators control. Already we are pushed by the oxygen consumption, bed space and ventilators scarcity.
(2) Unemployment will continue to surge because over 50 percent of companies have downsized to meet economic realities.
(3) Hardship will continue until it reaches peak because many income earners are not yet paid for almost three to four months.
(4) This will affect the church financial inflows since the church depends primarily on members income and tithes.
(5) Maintenance of property will take downward slope because of the scarcity of funds.
(6) Landlords must reduce house rents to keep tenants.
(7)IGR will definitely go down and it will affect general expenditure of the government.
(8) The church is worried about the government continuous attention on the her obeying every instructions and not showing the same force of obedience to the markets, supermarkets, bars, night clubs etc. Well if you must know, those businesses generate income to government but church does not generate physical cash to government. Again remember that government didn’t ease lockdown because of you, No! lockdown was ease because of the economy was dying gradually and if they continue with the lockdown it will crash.

What to do
(1) Retool now and retrain your workforce to learn knowledge based skills.
( 2) The Clergy men should be encouraged to learn new ministerial skills and become more ministry tentmakers.
(3) Message will continue to remain same but we should learn approaches to communicate it. The new normal avenues should be explored.
(4) Learn to contextualize your financial methodology to appropriate the immediate environment needs.
(5) Invest in more of fixed assets.
(6) The market players are actually toxicology which reflects in daily fluctuations of currency hence buying or investing is a risky but no never do.
We just need to conclude for today.

Let us pray
Great and wonderful God, we place in your palms our future and ask you to hold it for us.
We thank you for your continuous support and protection from all vagarious dangers.
We depend wholeheartedly on your capacity and omnipotence and fame our faith in you completely and absolutely.
You are our Lord and saviour and we know we are covered by the blood of JESUS CHRIST AMEN.
God bless you and God’s grace continually.
Stay away and safe.
Joy cometh.


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